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Monday, November 2, 2020

UF Author Kaylin McFarren: Shares a scary story! + excerpt


Some people believe that the horror film character Freddy Kruger was based on a real life serial killer who lived in Rockville, Iowa in the 1800s. According to rumor, Mr. Kruger was known to have killed at least twenty children within a three-mile radius of where he lived and murdered most of the children using only a garden claw. But that’s pure fiction, designed by Hollywood to give children nightmares.

The true story involves Felix Kroger, a janitor that was harassed on a daily basis by mean children—bullies attending classes at Ridgefield High School. Reaching the end of his rope, he locked the exits during first period, lit a fire in the mechanical room after dousing it with gas, then tripped and hit his head, while trying to escape the flames. Firefighters freed everyone in the school, however, burns covered over 70% of Kroger’s body.

In the hospital recovering, Police questioned Kroger but he refused to cooperate. They searched his home and found children’s targeted photos at his house. Two months later, he was tried for attempted murder, but found to be criminally insane. He spent the rest of his life in a psychiatric hospital before dying in his sleep at the age of 72. Then shortly after his death, more than a dozen teenagers were found dead in their beds, the result of smoke inhalation. Family members and friends claimed they died as the result of vaping, but the burn marks on their hands remain unexplained to this day.

As one might expect, no one in Ridgefield vapes anymore and children living there deeply appreciate their janitors and the hard work they do. Because you never know who might be watching.
(Actually, I just found this picture and made all that💩💩up.) 

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween everyone!👻

SOUL SEEKER (Gehenna Book 1)
by Kaylin McFarren
Oct 27, 2020 

Genre: Supernatural Thriller
ISBN: 9798665284903
Number of pages:308
Cover Artist: Amanda Yoshida
"...a new urban paranormal, romance adventure taking you to the world of celestial politics, supernatural demons, guardian angels, soul collectors and other dark, maligning creatures referred to as humans."

Crighton Daemonium arrives in the peaceful town of Lochton, Illinois, searching for wicked souls to add to his count. Benjamin Poe, a devoted husband, father and firefighter, finds himself in a battle of wills against this evil, manipulating demon, while protecting his only son. Ultimately, Poe is tricked into committing murder, and Crighton is rewarded with the soul he was sent to retrieve.

Following Poe’s execution, Crighton continues his dark malevolent duties, until he's kidnapped by members of The Sovereign Sector. This group of scientists, notorious for experimenting on supernatural creatures, forces Crighton into a soulmate relationship with the very angel he was sent to capture for the King of Hell, Lucifer.

With secrets revealed, darkness rules and loyalties shift. The demonic soul-seeker soon becomes the target of Lucifer's revenge, and his journey to redemption and freedom—or eternal enslavement—begins.

(Winner of the 2020 NYC Big Book Awards for Cross Genre)

"Are you aware of our situation?" 

"Of course, I'm aware," Poe snapped. "The date is approaching fast and we're running out of options." 

Beaudoin sighed. "It would seem so. But I haven't given up hope just yet. We can still try for an insanity plea, although I know how you feel about that." He paused a moment to study Poe's tired eyes. "I've seen it work even this late in sentencing. If there's one chance to keep you alive, Ben, then we need to–" 

"Counselor, it's over. You and I both know that. I'm done fighting. If I plead insanity, they'll send me away to the State hospital...and I don't want to spend what time I have left in that place. But I don't want to go home either. There's nothing left for me there." He leaned forward, resting his elbow the counter. "I know I'm not crazy, and I understand the seriousness of it. But I swear to you it was never my intention to kill him." He paused. "Not Gabriel. Not my son." 

"Can I be frank with you, Ben?" 

He nodded. 

"Any ordinary case would have resolved itself by now, but as you're very well aware, this is far from ordinary. Your son's blood was found on your clothes. The same caliber revolver found in your possession matched his wounds, and you never denied firing it. Yet you continue to claim your innocence. Which begs the question..." Beaudoin paused briefly, choosing his words carefully. "If you didn't kill your son, as you'd like me to believe, then who did?" 

Poe tipped his head to the side. "I never claimed he was killed by someone else, Mr. Beaudoin. If you read the transcripts, my story has never changed. Not one iota." The crease between Poe's eyebrows deepened. "I was the one who pulled the trigger. I was the one who fired all six shots. My son Gabriel died by my hand, but like I said, it was never my intention to kill him. The six rounds I fired were meant for someone else." 

Beaudoin slapped his hand on the counter. "Right! That's what you said before. Someone else was there. But who, Mr. Poe?" He paused, exasperated. "And why? Because you refuse to admit your guilt. You refuse to take responsibility for your actions. Yet here I am...trying my best to keep you alive." 

Poe sighed. "I've accepted my fate, Mr. Beaudoin. I don't expect any favors, but after everything you've done for me, you deserve to hear it all. The whole truth. I've never shared this with anyone because no one would ever believe me. But there's no point now in keeping it a secret any longer. I just want to leave this world knowing I held nothing back." 

Beaudoin shook his head. "And you wait until now to share this?" 

"I know, but I swear the story I'm about to tell you is the God's honest truth." 

Beaudoin could see his own reflection in the Plexiglas barrier and it looked as shocked as he felt. He shrugged and said, "Very well then, you've got my full attention, Mr. Poe." 

"You'll think I'm crazy. That much is certain. You might even demand that I plead insanity after you hear my explanation. But all I ask from you is to hear me out. Nothing more. Then you decide if the devil was there...or if he's sitting in this room right now." 

Beaudoin eyed Poe, trying to decide if this bit of storytelling was worth his time. He tugged on his shirt sleeve and glanced down at his watch. It was 10:58AM and he had more than forty minutes to spare before his next meeting. So what did he have to lose, aside from his patience? Blowing out an exaggerated breath, he answered, "Okay, I'm listening." 

Poe shifted on his seat and appeared to be collecting his thoughts. Or maybe he was formulating his story. Then he began.: 

"It happened two weeks before Christmas. The fire at College Inn. Do you remember that?" 

Beaudoin nodded and waited for him to continue. 

"It was the night that everything was destroyed, including my life. You see, Mr. Beaudoin, up until then, I was a good Christian man, a loving father. I made an honest living. I provided a comfortable life for my family. I did everything by the book...everything that was expected of me." Poe rubbed his eyes and before he pulled his hands away, he continued, "I didn't know until that night that the world is full of monsters. Monsters with dark souls and claws, waiting for the chance to tear you apart."

About the Author:

website-FB-twitterKaylin McFarren has received more than 50 national literary awards, in addition to a prestigious Golden Heart Award nomination for FLAHERTY'S CROSSING - a book she and her oldest daughter, New York Times/USA Today best-selling author Kristina McMorris, co-wrote in 2008. Prior to embarking on her writing journey and developing the popular THREADS psychological thriller series, she poured her passion for creativity into her work as the director of a fine art gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon; she also served as a governor–appointed member of the Oregon Arts Commission.

When she's not traveling or spoiling her two pups and three grandsons, she enjoys giving back to her community through participation and support of various charitable, medical and educational organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Her latest time-travel adventure, HIGH FLYING, asks challenging questions that will linger long after the final twists are revealed. Recently jumping to the supernatural thriller genre, Kaylin's clever SOUL SEEKER series leads readers into the pit of Hell, through the mechanisms of secret societies, and across the earth's crust, ever raising the stakes for her leading duo—a wicked demon and a saintly angel with secret earth-shattering agendas. With each story she writes, this author delivers unexpected twists and turns and keeps her readers on the edge of their seats, leaving them guessing and thoroughly entertained. 
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