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Monday, November 16, 2020

Excerpt: A Peculiar Royal by Alonna Williams + giveaway

What can we expect from you in the future?
I have another series starting in Spring/Summer of 2021 entitled: Pirates of the Withering Coast; this one is special to me, as I started it as a little girl and have been working on it for quite some time now J. It begins with “The Siren’s Call.” And you can learn more about it on my website! Also, The Lost Prince will be continued, as it’s followed by a series of short stories “The Lost Prince Chronicles” and a sequel “The Imperiled Heir.” So I hope you love the characters enough to continue their adventures! I also have a few more works in store, a superhero novel and a fairy-tale-ish, retelling-ish novel lol, sounds crazy, but it will all come together in the end… I hope!

What did you edit out of this book?
There were a few different ways in which Tristan first meets the girl who later becomes the love interest of the story, in one, he attempts to rob her; it was taken out because I wanted his personality to be a little less aggressive, where he’d only be prompted to do something like that if he had it out for the person.

Wanna read part of it?
Tristan ran into the alley and hid, smirking as the guards ran passed him. He chuckled, picking Nork up. He peeked out from the alley and watched as two girls made their way down the street; the gold band around one of their wrists caught his attention and his eyes sparkled. “Papa’s eating good tonight,” he snickered to Nork.

“Oh,” the girl gasped, turning to her friend. “I forget the flour for my cupcakes, Minah.”

“Of course, you did, Aliona,” Minah laughed. “I’ll go get it, don’t go too far,” she instructed.

“Thank you so much; I’m so sorry,” she frowned. Minah walked off and the other girl started back on her way.

Nork yipped and she looked up after hearing Tristan shush him. Tristan rolled his eyes. “Thanks a lot,” he grumbled before popping out in front of her.

“Ah!” she screamed, stumbling back.

Tristan snatched her by the arm before removing the band from her wrist. “Hold still,” he grunted.

“Let me go please!” she begged.

“In a sec,” he replied, taking the band off of her.

“Hey! That was my mother’s!” she screamed.

Tristan laughed as he ran off; he whistled for his dog and examined the golden jewelry in his hand with a bright smile. He looked up as Nork came trotting towards him and then looked over at the girl who was standing there crying. His face softened as he looked at her— he sighed, glancing down at Nork and then he started back towards her; she stood sniffling and Tristan extended his hand to her with the gold band in it…

A Peculiar Royal
by Alonna Williams
November 18, 2020
360 pages
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
The time has come for King Dorian Lockridge to find an heir for the country of Odsia; after the murder of his son, daughter-in-law and grandson fifteen years ago, he knew that sooner or later he’d need to find someone worthy to take the throne…

Spending fifteen years on the streets, doing whatever it took to make sure he and his friends survived from day to day, hasn’t been easy for Tristan.

Having never found remains of his grandson, doubt of his demise lingers in Dorian’s heart; until one day, he finally makes a proclamation, searching for the orphaned Prince of Odsia.

When Tristan discovers the truth about himself, his whole world changes. How will he adjust to royal living after such a difficult upbringing? And who was behind the murder of his parents so long ago?”

King Dorian Lockridge sat tall on his throne. He was getting up in age; the short gray hairs that blended with the few remaining black hairs on his head, as well as his short-boxed beard, made that clear. Despite his age, he still had the form of a king, standing at six-foot-two, with broad shoulders and almost perfect posture. The royal garb he wore added to his authority. A long, dark-blue coat with golden buttons on both sides of the chest and a golden design on the sleeves also bore the simple yet intricate branding of the royal family. His forest green eyes were keenly analyzing a tiny crown clutched in his hands. He looked around the throne room, seeing a quiet and empty space, nothing abnormal during this season in Odsia. After all, Februarys in his country were awfully cold and rainy. Most people wisely decided to stay indoors. 

But Februarys for the Lockridges were quite notable, albeit gloomy. Their grandson would have been a year older this February, had it not been for the accident. 

Marah Elderon, a woman from the royal guard, watched him from the entryway of the throne room. Her athletic build was covered from shoulders to feet in black and brown armor. Her brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her hazel eyes growing sympathetic as she saw the little crown in his hands. “Your advisor is here,” she announced, bowing before the king and then stepping out of the room. 

“Your Majesty, you asked to see me?” a man asked, entering the room. August Elderon stood at about the same height as the king, with a medium build, large dark-blue eyes, light-brown hair—worn in a short cut—and a docile expression. He was only thirty, which was young for an advisor, but his maturity greatly surpassed his age. The white military jacket he was wearing wasn’t one he wore too often, as it was a reminder of his past days at war, but he preferred the most modest attire from his wardrobe as opposed to the overly fancy clothes the stylist would make him. He gave a friendly smile as he bowed to Dorian. 

“Time is running out, August,” Dorian told him. “I’m not getting any younger. And people want to feel secure. With the Delorians rampaging through Karia and putting the country on the brink of war, they’ll want to know Odsia is in good hands, should anything like that happen here.” 

“I understand, Your Majesty,” August Elderon replied with a nod. “We are doing the best we can to find an heir, but—” 

“I don’t want just any heir,” Dorian softly said, returning his attention to the little crown. 

August sighed, lowering his head. He understood Dorian’s pain and wished he could fix everything that had happened, but they needed to carry on. “Your…Your Majesty. It may be time to…” 

Dorian stood and walked over to the left side of the room where a white pillar was against the wall; then he carefully placed the crown on a small pillow that lay upon the pillar. He turned to August with a slight smile. “My grandson is alive, August. I can feel it.” His voice held unquestioning conviction.

About the Author

Alonna Williams is a children's book author and has been writing ever since she was a little girl. It started with a short story and soon progressed to novels. Alonna has worked on, and grew up with a Pirate series entitled, Pirates of the Withering Coast, her favorite series of all, as well as a mystery series, a Sci-Fi/Superhero series and more! When she's not writing you'll most likely find her dancing, whether it be, Tap, Ballet, Jazz or Lyrical, or watching a good classic movie or cozying up to a Disney film!

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