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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Imterview: PNR Author Delta James + giveaway

What inspired you to write this book?
As with most of the books, the hero stepped forward and said, I have a story to tell. I was never planning to write a paranormal novel. Then it was supposed to be a stand-alone. Instead, it spawned an eight-part series and inspired five novellas.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Next up is Best Seller, my contribution to the Dirty Daddies Anthology 2020. Followed by my contribution to Vanessa Vale’s Bridgewater Brides world, Their Outlaw Bride. Then on October 23rd, Duncan, Lord of the Skies, will make his appearance in Skylord. There’s more to come from both the Fated and Cerberus Groups, the final books in the Wild Mustang and Elemental Dragons’ series. And in 2021… a brand new series set in Virginia.

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?
I tend to write novellas for my newsletter subscribers about secondary characters in books.

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?
Dylan, the hero of my story, kept whispering, “I have a story to tell,” until I couldn’t ignore him any more and he channeled, the first of the Wayward Mates series.

Who designed your book covers?
I have worked with three amazing cover artists—Korey Mae Johnson who does all of my Stormy Night Publications and Allysa Hart and Madden Kole who design my indie-published books.

Anything specific you want to tell your readers?
As trite as it may sound, I hope they know how very much I appreciate them taking my characters to heart and inviting me into their lives.

How did you come up with name of this book?
This is something of a running joke. I am, by far, the worst person to name books. I am awful at it so I allow people who are much better at it than I to do it.

Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?
In my opinion, any writer who tells you that characters are made up entirely from their imagination is lying to you, themselves or both. Writers are influenced every day by the people and events they encounter. It isn’t always conscious or intentional, but it is there.

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reins of the story?
I absolutely have no control. Sometimes I think I do, but my characters slap me down and make sure I understand it is their story and will be told their way.

Fun Facts/Behind the Scenes/Did You Know?'-type tidbits about the author, the book or the writing process of the book
  • I work best when I have found a picture of my hero to serve as inspiration. I keep his image on a secondary monitor
  • I try to set my books in real places that people can go and see and touch and get their hands on

Brought to Heel (Wayward Mates Book 1) 
by Delta James
July 12, 2018
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
Before he claims his mate, she must be brought to heel.

Skylar Owen is not used to taking orders from anyone and the last thing she wants in her life is an alpha who will demand her submission, but her world is turned upside down after a band of rogue wolves attacks her small, all-female pack. Ordered to disband her pack so that she can be matched with a mate, Skylar defies the Ruling Council, only to be hunted down and captured.

Though he can tell Skylar will be trouble the moment he sets eyes on her, Dylan Grainger knows how to tame a wayward woman, and it isn't long before the beautiful, feisty redhead is tearfully promising obedience as her bare bottom is soundly spanked. But Dylan quickly realizes that Skylar is much more than just a headstrong female in need of an alpha's firm-handed correction.

With each passing day, he grows more certain that she is his mate, and he knows that soon he must claim her, mark her, and take her hard and thoroughly. But will she resist her instincts, or will her body's response to his bold dominance leave her in no doubt that she belongs to him?

Publisher's Note: Brought to Heel is a stand-alone novel which is the first entry in the Wayward Mates series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book. Also note that Brought to Heel shares its setting with Adaline Raine's previously published books Marked by the Alpha and Rules of the Pack, and it was written only after receiving Adaline's permission and support.

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Book 1 – Brought To Heel Excerpt:
The news that they had failed completely hit Skylar as though it were a physical blow. Dylan closed some of the distance between them until she raised the knife in a very threatening position. He held his hand up to stop the men who weren’t currently holding onto one of the women from getting closer.

“It’ll be all right, Sky. I won’t let that little maneuver with the flare gun or you threatening me with a knife go without punishment. And I hate to tell you, but I think that punishment needs to be now for your pack’s sake, for my men’s sake, and frankly for your sake. The sooner you 

recognize and accept my authority over you, the easier this will be on everyone. But I’ll make you a deal.” 

“You have nothing to offer me that I want.” 

“I think I do. I had planned to have your pack disciplined before we head for home. My thought was if the lot of you were nursing sore bottoms, you’d be a lot easier to deal with on a small boat. But, if you put down the knife and submit to my authority, you’ll be the only one spanked. I’ll give the others a pass as having acted on your orders. But mark my words, I intend to make your first spanking from me memorable.” 

“That’s not much of a deal.” 

“Oh, but it is. Either way, I intend to go sit down on that log, put you over my knee, bare your pretty little backside, and paddle it until it’s bright red and swollen. Get nasty while I’m doing it, and you’ll get your first taste of my belt. Take my deal and you’re the only one who gets spanked. Refuse my deal, I’ll disarm you, spank you until you’re crying, and take my belt to your backside and leave welts behind. And your pack members will each get a good taste of the discipline they obviously need before we head for home. So what is it to be, mate? Just you or your women too?” 

She searched his face for the veracity and severity of his words. She realized he was willing to spare her girls but only if she submitted. “I have your word they won’t be disciplined for our bid for freedom?” 

“You do.” 

She took the knife and threw it, landing it precisely between his spread feet. 

“All right, the rest of you get the women on the boat. My mate and I are going to have a little lesson in what happens when a naughty girl runs away and doesn’t heave to when she’s asked.” 

The women all started to struggle. He looked pointedly at Skylar. 

“Enough. We’ve lost. This bastard means to beat me regardless of what happens to you, but he promised to spare you if I gave him what he wants. There’s no reason for all of us to get beaten…” 

“Spanked, Skylar, not beaten. Never beaten.” 

“Funny how those of you who do the beating like to try to make out like there’s a difference between the two.” 

Dylan chuckled. “You have a lot to learn about actually submitting, mate. But I’ll help you with that. Come here to me.”

Marked and Mated (Wayward Mates Book 2) 
Mastering His Mate (Wayward Mates Book 3) 
Taking His Mate (Wayward Mates Book 4 )
Claimed and Mated (Wayward Mates Book 5) 
Claimed and Mastered (Wayward Mates Book 6) 
Hunted and Claimed (Wayward Mates Book 7)
Captured and Claimed (Wayward Mates Book 8) 

About the Author
Sinfully sultry romance . . .that’s the world that International and US best selling author Delta James inhabits and shares with her readers. A world where alpha heroes find true love with feisty heroines. Delta’s stories are filled with erotic encounters of romance and discipline. One reader suggested it was best to have a “fan and a glass of water” when reading Delta’s stories.

Delta specializes in paranormal, dark, and contemporary westerns. She is always happy to hear from those who enjoy her work – and even those who don’t.

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