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Monday, November 9, 2020

The story behind the story: The Wulvers Series Books 1-3 by Rebecca Anne Stewart + giveaway

Time to tell you a little bit about the Wulvers Series! 

Inspired by the stories of the Wulver, a wolf being who wandered around Scotland and often helped hungry villagers with hunting, I wanted to put my own spin on werewolf/shifter kind. Of course, as often happens, the characters took the story and ran with it and I was left trying to catch up! The first two books follow Cathwulf, the daughter of an Alpha who ends up mated to a male chosen by her father, Alpha Roarke. Thrown into a world of murder mysteries and wolves all vying for power, she has to decide where her loyalty lies. The third book follows Oria, a friend of Cathwulf with a dark past that still haunts her. She has to overcome her fears to find her place in a new pack, and also by the side of the infamous and dangerous Beta Quillan.

I like to write strong female characters, especially in the world of werewolves where it’s so often male dominated. Oria also deals with a lot of mental health problems, inspired by my own struggles with depression and anxiety, hoping to prove mental health illness does not make someone weak; they’re perhaps the strongest of them all.

If those three books aren’t enough for you, I also write on Wattpad and Inkitt where the next three books in the series are posted. I also write about quirky, damaged vampires, ancient immortal warriors, and lords and ladies who have hidden secrets. You can check them out here!

The Wulvers Series (Books 1-3) 
by Rebecca Anne Stewart
October 22, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Do you love shifter romances? Then get ready to binge-read the first 3 books in The Wulvers Series by Rebecca Anne Stewart today!

My father is the alpha, a mantle my unborn brother will take one day. But as daughter of the alpha, my role isn’t yet certain.

My heart is set on becoming the beta, I want to show our kind that a female can be just as strong as any other wolf, without needing a mate to protect her.

But when my father is called to help a neighboring pack, suddenly everything changes. I’m thrown into a world of intrigue, deadly plots, and a fight for power.

As a female who never wanted or needed a mate, I now find myself torn between two males. One, the leader. The other, an untamed wolf.

Either way, taking a mate requires submission, and it’s not in my nature to submit. But no matter how hard I try to fight it, it seems my fate has already been decided.

My father is dead, and my need for vengeance fuels my every decision and every move. I may not have evidence to prove it, but I know who’s responsible and it’s only a matter of time before I bring them down.

Roarke is now more determined than ever to prove his worth—not only as the alpha of our pack, but also as my mate. He made it clear our bond will be sealed on the next full moon, and my growing feelings for him make me realize there’s no fighting fate.

But our pack is in danger, secrets start to surface, and loyalties are questioned. Nobody can be trusted, and it seems our enemies are closer than we thought.

Now that I know my place in this world, there’s nothing I won’t do to keep my position in the pack and protect those who are under my care. Roarke and I might have gotten off to a rocky start, but soon everyone will know that together the alpha and I…

We’re a force to be reckoned with.

With Cathwulf settled by Roarke's side as Alpha Female, once more, I’m left to uncover my own place within our pack.

Finding love in working beside the pack doctor, I’ve thrown myself into learning from the healers that came before me.

It’s kept me busy, but it’s hard to focus when my eyes are constantly drawn to the male who once fought to be Cathwulf's mate.

Quillan has an aura that sparks all of my defensive instincts and yet, I can’t seem to stop wanting him to notice me…and I know he’s been keeping close.

The truth behind the reason he follows my every step, however, is far more dangerous than I could ever imagine. A reason that could have all the progress I’ve made crumble, and me right along with it when my past returns to haunt me.

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About the Author

Website-FB-TwitterRebecca is an Author, musician and singer/song writer based in Alyth, Scotland. She focuses her energy on her creative passions and uses her Highland roots to influence all aspects of her life.
Rebecca comes from a family of musicians and spent much of her childhood absorbing the sounds of traditional music while touring Scotland. Rebecca also has a keen interest in her genealogy as she descends from the country's travelling folk, a culture steeped in history and stories.
A proud Scottish person with a rich family heritage, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her loved ones, travelling her beautiful native homeland and performing with friends.

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