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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Excerpt: The Calling: The Calling Chronicles Book 1 by E.M. Aguilar

The Calling: The Calling Chronicles Book 1

by E.M. Aguilar
January 5, 2017
Genre: Post Apocalyptic Fantasy
We live in a world without magic. However, what if magic is real and as natural as the air we breathe and tangible as the trees swaying in the wind? And we bottle and encase this magic in large underground chambers. Until, the arcane powers explode in a cataclysmic, world-shattering chain reaction.

Lazarus saw his life change before him on a normal workday. A hundred-foot wave destroys everything around him. A group of survivors rises up from this rubble, trying to survive the next day. People morph and change into fantastical creatures and magic has become commonplace.

Caught between miles of hostile territory filled with deadly monsters called Grogs, Lazarus and his group of friends needs to find the ancient temples to stop the next phase of the changing of the earth.

Don't miss The Calling, the first in The Calling Chronicles series by E.M. Aguilar. If you like Stephen King's, The Stand, and Justin Cronin's, The Passage and Robert McCammon's, Swan Song, then this story will have you thrilled, horrified and excited. Come check it out!

"The world ended within the slightest, smallest vibration as if the world was held by a silk web and a powerful force broke the glue which held everything together." Lazarus didn't realize he was speaking aloud these words. It came and string forth out of him in a rush. Luckily, he was in his car eating his sandwich. The voice was coming from inside his head making him see and say things. 

Hello, dear reader, come with me into a world which is like ours but is different. A place that if you would come here, you would proclaim that it is exactly how you remember your dreams - the half-forgotten truths and ideas floating in our brains. The moon and the sun would float above us while our life blood spills into the heaven and we would stare into the darkness and proclaim we are alive and we fight the nothingness. Listen. 

About the Author

Eric Aguilar (1970 to present) was born in Los Angeles, California. He started writing when he was in high school. He received a Fine Arts Degree in painting and drawing from CSULB and attended Otis Art Institute. Eric is a writer of Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. He lives in Southern California. 

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