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Friday, November 20, 2020

Interview: YA Horror Author James J Crofoot + excerpt

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?
To tell you the truth, I put a lot of thought into my stories, sometimes being very methodical. I write down what I want to say in one or two tries. And then other times I need to let the characters take over. It depends on how long I’ve been writing. Usually, after an hour of writing, that’s when the character’s take over.

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.
I have published these books before, about six years ago. I’m just getting back into it and these books are how I’m doing it. the first time I had it on amazon I received over forty-five five-star reviews. “Climax after climax…”, “Plot twist after plot twisted…”. I sold quite a few of these in the past and now they’re fresh again. So, read and enjoy!

Have you written any other books that are not published?
Why, I’m glad you asked. In addition to the two other books published in this series about Thomas’ adventures I have two more waiting to be published. Those I think I’m going to get an agent for. They’re about a Demon princess who starts out avenging her torture at the hands of another demon. In this first part, a fairy kills and a demon lord is banished to Oblivion for a hundred years. The stories go on from there.

Pen or typewriter or computer?
Pen and computer. At first, I write things on paper, sometimes two drafts. Then I’ll go to the computer and type it in. Then, sometimes, just sometimes-I start typing and the words simply start to flow and there it goes. I love these times most of all.

Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?
I write. I write pretty good stories; some say awesome stories. I love to write and know people are enjoying my work because I have been writing since I was about five years old. It’s in my soul. All this said and done. The thing I want the most? For my readers to tell their friends how much they enjoyed my writing. So curl up on that rainy day and get a cup of hot chocolate, or coffee, or tea. Most of all. Enjoy. Enjoy.

The Journeys of a Different Necromancer (The Locked Door Series Book One) 

by James J Crofoot
August 2, 2020
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
72 pages
Number of pages: 100
Word Count: 20k
Thomas learned more than he bargained for from the dark mage in the obsidian tower.

Thomas wanted to learn to read and write things only Xavier the Necromancer could teach. But Thomas learned much more. He learned to raise the dead. Then, with his knowledge, he set out for the distant sea.

Along the way, he made an army, encountered a dragon, and fought thieves by the score. But, could he continue to use the knowledge Xavier gave? Could he hold to his teacher's views that all people were self-centered, greedy, and jealous of him for being so much better?

Could he return to the obsidian tower to live a life where the world was locked out, where his teacher had kept all life away to simply be left alone? Where no one ridiculed and beat him for being different? Could he return to a life where only the undead, his risen, kept him company?

“I was with Xavier,” Thomas replied. With head bowed, he stared at his stew, sensing he would not be allowed to eat. 

“Who?” His mother’s voice. Her angry, high-pitched voice. 

Thomas looked up at his father to see a pipe halfway to a gaping mouth. “Xavier, you know, he lives in the tower. He wants to teach me to read and write. He wants me to be his apprentice.” 

His mother sat down and stared at him. 

“He’s got lots of books, scores of them. He showed me a book with lots of animals in it.” 

His da sat back in his chair, silent. His mum folded her hands in her lap, also silent. 

“Think of it,” Thomas continued excitedly. “Think of the things I could do if I could read. I could go and work for the prince in Targon, I could see the whole kingdom.” 

“Go to bed, Thomas,” Da said. 

The boy gazed down at his untouched food. It smelled good and looked even better, but his father had spoken. Thomas got up and climbed the ladder to his loft. Deep into the night, even after his parents stopped their whispered arguing, he lay in bed thinking of the map Xavier had shown him of the kingdom. He would find a way. He would be…what word had Xavier used? Necromancer. He would be a necromancer and he would see the whole kingdom. 

* * * * 

In the morning, Thomas awoke to the smell of porridge. Having had no dinner the night before, he hurried down the ladder. There he found his da already eating. His mum ladled his share into a bowl and then got some for herself. 

“We’ve decided you may learn to read and write. None of that dark stuff, though. You hear? No digging up of graves,” his da said. “We want more for your life, Thomas. Now then, what does this friend of yours want in return? We can’t afford to pay anything. I suppose he mentioned a price.” 

Thomas looked at his mum as she sat down. She folded her hands in her lap and remained quiet. 

“He said it would cost nothing. He just wants someone to teach. Xavier said he’s getting old and just wants someone to pass on some of ’is…” Thomas paused trying to remember the word. “…knowledge.” 

Da wiped his mouth with his sleeve. “Then we’ll give it a try. Only til ’arvest, though. You’ll be needed in the fields then. Anything after that and we’ll see.” 

A month and a half, Thomas thought excitedly. I have a month and a half! 

“No good will come of this,” his mum remarked. “Mark my words, that man never did any good for anyone.” 

Thomas finished his breakfast in a gulp and got up to run from the house. He stopped just outside the door to pick up his favorite stick and heard his da say, “I want better for him, Sonya. This life is no life for my son. He’s smarter than this.” 

* * * * 

A month passed and Thomas studied. He studied geography; the world turned out to be a lot bigger than he imagined. He learned arithmetic, how to count to a thousand. Then moved on to reading and writing, eight to nine hours a day he went through the books and scrolls. On the second and third floors of the tower stood skeletons of various animals, there he learned science, anatomy, and biology. 

The fourth floor, however, Xavier said he needed to learn a good deal more before being ready for that. 

“The villagers are shunning me,” he said to Xavier one day after learning the word. “They whisper about me whenever I pass. Even my friends. Yesterday I waved to them and started walking, to tell them what I was learning, and they turned their backs and ran away.” 

Xavier looked up from the book he held. “People, for the most part, are very small-minded. They shun what they do not understand or things that are different.” 

“Was that the way it was with you when you first started studying to be a necromancer?” 

“People always thought me to be a little different. Look, Thomas, you will see more, you will do more, than they can imagine in their empty heads. You will learn to create life from death.” 

Thomas thought about these words for some time. He wanted to do more than just plant and harvest. He wanted to travel this world, especially the sea to the west, to see more than just this tiny village too small for a name. He decided he liked being different. He was already learning more than they ever would. Did not that make him better?

About the Author:


James J Crofoot started working at 11 years old and never stopped. He’s been a sailor in the U.S. Navy, worked in video tape production, made money investing in stocks, and traveled throughout the US as a truck driver and an army brat. He’s been to all four corners of the US and to the top of every major mountain range in the United States.

Through it all, writing has been his first love, companion, and constant friend.

He has so many stories to tell, he plans to spend the rest of his life writing.

Born in Germany he currently resides in the "Great Mitten" that is Michigan. He resides with his insane family consisting of his sister, two spoiled but loving nieces, a brother in law, and two dogs.

He hopes you’ll enjoy his books while sipping tea, coffee, or cocoa on a rainy day.

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