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Monday, August 16, 2010

Step Up 3D

Step Up 3D, directed by Jon Chu may be one of the most predictable plot's with unmemorable acting but its visually a fun film to watch with some pretty fantastic dancing.
The film stars a host of relativity unknown actors, that we may or may not ever see again unless in a film related to this genre. If your a fan of SYTYCD (thats, So You Think You Can Dance for all you not in the know) as Amber and I are, you'll notice a few familiar all-stars like Twitch, Legacy and Josh.
Aside from the eye candy on screen and amazing dance battles the story plot fell so short that it was almost agonizing to watch. Snooze. If they could have just danced throughout the whole thing, I think that would have been far better then the attempt at a script. Yawn.
The 3D did amazingly, add to this film, the battles were definitely more in your face making you feel as though you were watching it live in the flesh. Good use of 3D for once. :)
Its a perky fun movie that you end up liking but aren't sure you want to tell other people out loud. So one questions to all of you: Are we human? Or are we dancers? lol
A reluctant 2 1/2 sheep....

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