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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Switch

The Switch, directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck; while the story of a sperm donor has been done before (The Backup Plan) it is presented more from a male's perspective, predictable story plot but not awful.

Starring Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Jeff (my gf Ceci's man) Goldblum, Juliette Lewis and the adorable child actor Thomas Robinson. Yes, it's just like Aniston to make yet another film in the romantic comedy genre, safe and predictable, but that's apparently what she likes.

Bateman was fantastic in this film; why don't we see him in more movies? Witty and clever. He's an incredible actor and just phenomenal to watch - leaves me wanting more. :) And no, bff Rose, I am not trying to steal your man; I know you've staked your claim! lol Remove the claws please....

Thomas Robinson is the cutest child actor I have seen on screen in a long while, maybe since a young Dakota in I Am Sam. He carried a big weight on his little shoulders, but won me over with his genuine emotional performance. If you don't leave the theater re-thinking picture frames then you're just nutts! :P

Some funny/gross scenes involving...umm...well bugs. hahaha You just have to see it to know what I'm talking about. Endearing none the less.

Note to all: Please DO NOT invite me to your Artificial Insemination party, I don't know if women really have these...but just in case please forget to send me the invite. Thanks.

Two words: Diane Sawyer?!

Getting 3 sheep for all other factors not including Aniston, I like her but I'm just sick of the same ol' same ol', it's just Rachel from Friends continued.

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