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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vampires Suck, well the movie sucked more and not in a good way

Vampires Suck, written and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer the same guys who have written other spoof movies like the Disaster Movies and Epic Movie. This film had tons of potential but sadly missed the mark by miles.

With so much going on in the world that is Twilight, this film could have done some great comedy but it was such a sad disappointment it almost HURTS me to write this review. :(
I am a big fan of Twilight and like all fans I can enjoy the parodies that come along with it, but anyone can go on YouTube and find spoofs that will blow this one out of the water!

I get it, Twilight is a hott ticket item right now and who wouldn't want to cash in on that and make a buck. (these cheesy filmmakers for sure) Come on guys, lets give something more then a few laughs that cost an arm and a leg at the box office. It was only an 80 min run time but it felt like 3 hours. So sad that the writers/directors didn't take the time to create quality.

A few positive's can be taken from the film: Segways are awesome forms of transportation, always travel with a cactus, never listen to your dads new girlfriend and never try to be Taylor Swift! ;) The gem of this film was actress Jenn Proske who plays this movies version on Isabella Swan, she was a dead-on with her Bella mannerisms. Hair behind the ear tucks, lip bitting, eye fluttering, word fumbling etc. She rocked it and is the ONLY reason I am even giving this movie 2 sheep.

Miss this one and if you insist on wasting your time, rent the dvd.
And of course Team Edward all the way! lol


  1. Thanks, my friends just went to that movie yesterday, & I was thiking WHY DIDNT I GET UP EARLIER! then I looked at the comments online. Said should be rated R. this seals the deal. i wait for the rental

  2. good call, save the money and rent the dvd. :)

  3. Nicely done! I don't think it's just Twilight that's a hot-ticket item, I think it's vampires in general. People are butchering the hell out of vampire lore. "True Blood" and "Twilight" have taken my favorite supernatural creature and kind of weakened it in many ways. The writing is poor, the situations are the same and overall it seems monotonous and boring, but that's just to me. I wanted to think that that is why they made this movie, then I saw the trailer and I realized that they may as well have made a sequel to "Meet the Spartans". I am glad that you read the books though. Any time people read, I'm happy. Thank you for posting your url on the feedback. I plan on coming back to check it out again sometime.
    P.S. Check out Scott Pilgrim vs The World!

  4. Hey Tom! you did come comment, hats off to you my friend! Yes I did see Scott the review is here too, but I have not checked out the graphic novel yet...its on my list though. (I have a very loooong book list btw)
    I love all vamps and dont judge, but thats just me. And my guilty pleasure is TB, I know ur gonna laugh at me but oh well. :) lol
    I laugh at myself all the time. :)
    thanks Tom hope you stick around my site xoxox