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Monday, August 9, 2010

Touched by an Alien- Pick me! Pick me!

OMG I loved this book! I've read it twice now, yes I'm one of those people who reads books twice, or 3,4,5... lol, and it was just as good as I remembered! This is the debut novel of Gini Koch and it rocked. She combined hot men, and not just men but ALIENS!, witty humor, fast action and all the romance a girl could want with a dash of the unexpected. It was the perfect combination for me. I know vampires have been the big thing lately, but if all the alien books that are coming out, and there are quite a few that I've noticed on shelves lately, are as good as this one all I can say is "Watch out VAMPS!"
The heroine of this story, Katherine "Kitty" Katt is my new role model. I mean it. She's smart, quick with comebacks, sexy, full of sarcasm, tough and she thinks outside of the the box. I loved her! It all starts out on the front steps of the court house when a parasite (bad alien) possesses a man and all hell breaks loose.
Now enters the heros, yes plural, of the story. Two cousins who are both hotter than hot. Their work uniforms are Armani suits, I mean seriously! Yum! :) Tall, good looking ( a mild understatement) and smart to boot, Jeff Martini and Christopher White are the men of my dreams! Right away the chemistry and witty banter between Martini and Kitty just suck you in and it keeps heating up throughout the entire novel. Throw in a gay,former male model/turned agent, parents who aren't exactly what you thought, some religious persecution, digs at pop culture (can anyone say Will Smith?) and a horde of aliens who are all supermodel worthy and this story has it all.
With the action, both in the field and in the bedroom, the clever storyline, the laugh out loud moments and the kick*** characters this book is a winner. All I can say is Thank Heavens for a sequel! Coming December 2010 :)
I'm giving 4 sheep. If I could do halves I would. So just imagine that half of the fifth sheep is filled in! lol


  1. I'm with you! This book totally blew me away. I want Martini on my pillowcase.

  2. cant wait to start this one, soon i promise! :)

  3. Great review! December 7th can't come soon enough.