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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Wild Light, yes indeed!

A Wild Light, the latest installment in the Hunter Kiss series by author Marjorie M. Liu hit bookstores this month. Liu writes these books in a very almost cold no-nonsense way, and for me it works on all levels, this series delivers with each new installment. :) More! More! I need more of my Precious!

The story follows Heroine Maxine Kiss, a hunter of demons, she's a take no crap from anyone type of gal. *Except maybe from her bo Grant...ahh Grant. Has some demon boys to back her up and very cool heavy metal pieces to finish the job. Its a kill fast or be killed even faster type of world she lives in, any hesitation could forfeit her life, and as she is the last of her line the world would be devoured by the scariest monsters one could imagine. Yeah, its THAT intense.

As with all great stories, sometimes things aren't always what they seem, Maxine is coming to wonder about what really makes a person/demon good or evil. The grays? Bigger and bigger. Dark powers can they actually be used for good? I wouldn't want to try thats for sure. lol

I know coming from yours truly its hard to imagine I read -and love- a series about zombies, Blood Mama's, possession, and creepy crawly monsters that go bump in the night or day. But I do, I LOVE this series and highly recommend it to all. :)

Liu not only creates this stunning series but also writes comic books for Marvel, and we are all about Marvel here. Logan! She is part Sci-Fi part Comic with a whopping scoop of paranormal goodness.
Jump on this one and enjoy the ride. :)


  1. This is so funny! I just downloaded this series to start reading over the weekend. We really were separated at birth!It's gotta be good if you're giving it 4.5 sheep! Can't wait to freakin start these!

  2. Yeah they are GOOD. But like I said in this review its almost as if they are written cold. Its hard to explain without giving more away, but its a great series. More SF then Paranormal :)