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Monday, August 9, 2010

Spider's Bite- blah. uhhhh. sigh.

Total disappointment. This book is the first in a series called Elemental Assassins. That alone is what drew me in. I love books about women who are hot, kick ass, and just got it goin on. The main character, Gin, has two out of the three. She's good looking and I can't deny the fact that she's good at killing people. But I don't know what else I can say that's good about her.
This book was sssooo ssslllooowww. It didn't really pick up until the middle, last third of the book. And when I say 'picked up' I'm being generous. It could have been a great book. The storyline was there, but the execution of it just sucked. Majorly. I'm usually pretty lenient when it comes to books. It doesn't take much to entertain me and I'm not nearly as picky as some people **coughkatiecough**, but even I can't pretend that this book was anything but awful.

The story is about a client who double crosses Gin aka The Spider, who btw is a famous assassin feared by everyone, and how she discovers who the client is, the reasoning behind the double cross and the revenge for killing her handler. Sounds good right? I mean how can you mess this up? Well Jennifer Estep found the way to do it. She bores you to death with details that don't mean anything, action scenes that are way too lacking in everything, and a love connection that just leaves you thinking 'what?'. The only thing that sparked my interest was the time when Gin and the detective she's working with give in to their attraction, and I use that term loosely since you really aren't aware of this attraction throughout the story. But even that left me feeling disappointed since it was a quickie in a janitor's closet. Seriously? If you can't give me action than give me some love! (Sigh....)

All in all this book was a major letdown. From the sloppy and dismal writing to the lack of connection you feel with the characters all I can say is save your money. If you really want to read it check it out at the library. And I don't know that I would waste one of my book rentals on it, you might want to save it for the dictionary. At least that would be informative.

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  1. LOL LOVED the review! and hey, i am not the hard to impress i will have u know! i will ask richard to make us a 0 sheep raring cause it sounds like 1 was too much for this one. nice review and thanks for the heads up, i will pass on this. sorry you wasted time sis :(