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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deaths Excellent Vacation anthology, yea more Cat and Bones!

One for the Money a short story from author Jeanine Frost is now available across the nation! Its short (about 30 pages) and sweet but a must read.

The story picks up after Destined for An Early Grave and follows Cat and Bones, cutting their vacation short to do a side job for a family member. Visits some previous locations and touches base with a certain character who recently went through some MAJOR life changing events. ;) wink wink Amber knows!

Can I just say we should all find our own local "Bite" to relax at and just enjoy an evening of undead fun with friends and family. :)

Other authors contributing with additional short stories are Charlaine Harris, Katie MacAlister, Lilith Saintcrow, and Jeff Abbott to name a few. So you do get a chance to explore the paranormal world a little more and possible find a few new authors you might enjoy. Me? Oh no, my reading list is long enough thank you very much.

The book is only available at this time in hard cover and I paid $24.99 so if your thrifty like me look for online coupons or just let me know and you can read my copy.
Got Bones?

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  1. I love being in the know! hahaha. I'll have to find it online since I'm a fan of all those other authors as well... Except the dude. I've never heard of him. Sad :( lol. Excellent review sis!