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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Caitlin Welch guest post + give away!

Got a treat for the Flock today. Can you name a male author that writes Paranormal Romance? (go ahead, take a moment...) Yeah, me either. I am sure there are some out there and some smartie sheep will know, but the point is I found one!

Caitlin Welch is actually Canadian author Sean Cummings. You can check out our interview with him here.

I will let Caitlin/Sean tell you about Broken Saviour. Stick around for my thoughts about the story so far and a chance to win Parts 1 & 2!


Experiments in self-publishing

Who the heck is Caitlin Welch? Well she's me, Sean Cummings. I came up

with the pen name after consulting with Facebook friends after I decided
to self-publish a novel on Amazon just to see what the heck all the
hub-bub was about. By hub-bub, I mean the Kindle store. Call it an
experiment - I am experimenting to see if I can publish a serialized novel
of about 60K words that deals with my weakest writing skill, namely

Molly Wilson is a lawyer who finds herself brutally raped, beaten, stabbed

and left for dead after having a few too many drinks and picking up a
fellow named Mister Paydirt at a local pub. She awakens shortly after the
attack in a two room flophouse and amazingly her wounds are healed. The
person who saved her is a homeless man who has a powerful gift - he's an
empath. He can heal others, absorbing their wounds, both physical and
psychological and he's been doing it for a long time. Molly sets out to
find the mysterious man who saved her and is quickly thrown into a
dangerous world where retribution exists hand-in-hand with selfless
compassion and unconditional love.

BROKEN SAVIOUR is a ten-part book that I am going to release on Amazon

periodically over the next twelve months and today I'm giving away five
copies of Part I and Part II each to five people who comment on today's
blog posting. But there's a hitch, of course - because I'm looking for
creative answers to one question,(a Doctor Who question) and here it is:

Should TV's Craig Ferguson (a HUGE Doctor Who fan) have a guest part on an

upcoming episode of Doctor Who and if so, who should he be? (there is an alternate question so don't worry if you can't answer this one)

I'll throw all the names into a hat and announce the winners next week,

courtesy of I Smell Sheep! Good luck!


I have read parts 1 & 2 and it has me hooked. This is definitely a walk the darker side of PNR, but I prefer it there . Maggie isn't a very nice person. Matter of fact, she is a bitch . In most PNR the man is the jerk, and shown the error of his ways by the love of a good woman. In this one, the woman is the one that needs to be saved emotionally and physically by the mysterious healer. I really like this change in roles. I am excited about how this story will unfold.

How to win one of the 5 e-copies of Part 1 & 2. Answer Sean's Dr. Who question in the comments or....

If you have never watched Dr. Who, then tell me what actor would get you to watch it. I will have to go with Johnny Depp ;)

Molly Wilson is a successful family lawyer and she's as shallow, mean-spirited and manipulative as they come. Everything changes when Molly is savagely raped, beaten and left for dead by a man known only as Mr. Paydirt. Waking up in a skid row apartment, Molly should be dead but incredibly, she has been spared by a man she'd believed to be a homeless derelict whose curse (or gift) is the ability to heal others by absorbing their wounds, both
physical and in many cases, psychological.
He’s a nameless empath; unsure of his past, penniless, and with nothing in this world but the goodness in his heart and a powerful gift.
But someone’s on his tail. Someone who knows his name, and who will happily kill anyone to smoke him out. He's been tracking his movements for more than six years, and now he's close to finding him. So close he can almost taste it.


  1. I've never watched Dr. Who -- I'm sorry :(
    However, there are multitudes of people who could be cast and I would watch it:
    Daniel Craig
    Jason Statham
    Johnny Depp (I agree with Sharon)

    All 3 would just be pure heaven!

    The Broken Saviour sounds great!


  2. I've never seen Dr Who either, but after looking it up on IMDB, it looks interesting!

    As for who could get me to watch it, my current tv crush is Matt Passmore, who plays Jim Longworth on The Glades. I think he comes across as charming and funny, and great looking on top of it! I also love love love Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds. I would watch *anything* with him in it!!


  3. i cant say i watch doctor who im afraid i occasionally catch bits when someone else is watching it
    i may start to watch it if johnny depp was in it lol although alex pettyfer would also in-courage me to watch

    these books sound like i would love them thanks for the interview and give away

    madsheepno1 at yahoo dot co dot uk

  4. "I sacrifice male virgins on an anthill in my yard."
    I appreciate the time you take to hook us up. You are a gem. Ta.

  5. I LOVE Dr Who (must be a Canadian thing;) and I LOVE Craig you get 2 outa 2 with me:)...I think Craig should play an alien from a planet that looks like the hills of scotland and needs Dr Who to take him to the actual scotland on earth so he can visit a specific castle to get a particular item to save his home won't geek out and write a whole episode *giggle*..Would love to give your books a try they sound like an interesting take on my fav genre..Thanks Sean:) ..aka Barbara.

  6. Excellent answers, one and all. I particularly like Barbara's idea for Craig Ferguson, who, would probably drop dead from shock were he offered even a walk-on role in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who!

  7. @Barbara - glad someone who knows Dr. Who showed up . The last Dr. Who I watched was the one with the big scarf. There was a guy in my Middle School that had one just like it and I promised to watch the show and see .

    That is unless Speciesamused was making a Dr. Who reference?

  8. I think I saw a few episodes on SyFi channel, but am not really familiar with the series. I seem to remember coming in at a place that was an ongoing storyline and was confused :) although I will admit to being easily confused LOL. However, I will definitely watch if you get me Timothy Oliphant - oh yes I will definitely tune in for that episode:) Thank you for sharing with us today and for your generous giveaway opportunity.


  9. Viggo Mortensen, Eric Bana, or Alexander Skaarsgard would get me to watch anything, anyday! ;-)
    The book premise sounds like a good one - good luck Caitlin/Sean!

  10. I saw the Craig Ferguson show where he asked Matt Smith if he could be on Doctor Who and I think that is an excellent idea!! I'm not sure who he should be, though - whoever it is, I would definitely be watching! I am a huge Craig Ferguson fan and a huge Doctor Who fan :)
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  11. I love Dr Who waiting eagerly for the next parts to come onto our screens late in the year but I had to google Craig Ferguson to see who he was eep, maybe he could play maybe a slitheen.

    ticklebear2 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. I have never watched Dr. WHO, but I do enjoy Sci-fi flicks and checked it out on YOUTUBE...
    Check out the UK show Misfits, it's really gotten me addicted. Season 1 (6 episodes) and Season 2 (7 episodes) is on HULU right now.
    Broken Saviour sounds really good. I would say that if TOM HARDY was in it, I would definitely watch it.

    cassandra pearson

  13. The winners of Part 1 & 2

    I have sent your emails to Caitlin/Sean and he will take care of you! Congrats and be sure to let us know what you think. I am loving this story so far.

  14. I missed the contest but ha! Awesome question!

    Hopefully he would be a character that makes sense and - even better - murders River Song. Okay, okay, I know she can;t be murdered; time lines and all blah. blah, but, just saying, she does get on my nerves!