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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hollows goes Graphic!

Blood Work: An Original Hollows Graphic Novel

by Kim Harrison

Illustrations: Pedro Maia and Gemma Magno

When Ivy met Rachel, the result wasn’t exactly love at first sight. Sparks flew as the living vampire and the stubborn witch learned what it meant to be partners. Now Kim Harrison, the acclaimed author of Pale Demon and Black Magic Sanction, turns back the clock to tell the tale—in an original full-color graphic novel.

Hot-as-hell, tough-as-nails detective Ivy Tamwood has been demoted from homicide down to lowly street-crime detail. As if rousting trolls and policing pixies instead of catching killers wasn’t bad enough, she’s also been saddled with a newbie partner who’s an earth witch. It’s enough to make any living vampire bare her fangs. But when a coven of murderous witches begins preying on werewolves, Rachel Morgan quickly proves she’s a good witch who knows how to be a badass.

Together, Ivy and Rachel hit the mean streets to deal swift justice to the evil element among Cincinnati’s supernatural set. But there’s more to their partnership than they realize—and more blood and black magic in their future than they bargained for.

The Rachel Morgan Series by Kim Harrison was my first UF and has remained one of my favorites. I have also developed a love for graphic novels. Using artwork with a story adds a whole other dimension to my reading experience. So when I heard Harrison was going to do a graphic novel “prequel” to the Rachel Morgan series, I just about peed my self . But let’s be honest…there was no way I could pay $20-something for the hardback release. So when I found out I had won a copy of it (and hit me with a wet Sheep-I can’t remember whose site I won it from, and if you know please let me know and I will give you proper credit!) I was thrilled.

Unfortunately I found it just okay. I don’t know if my judgment is colored by my love of the writing in the Morgan novels, but the story was kind of disjointed and rushed. It is kind of like comparing a movie to the novel. Ivy’s attraction to Rachel seemed to happen way too fast. If I hadn’t read the novels I don’t think Ivy and Piscary’s relationship would have made much sense.

The cover art work is absolutely beautiful, but the illustrations inside were just okay. I liked Rachel’s look, but Ivy and Kisten’s were inconsistent. Sometimes they were very good and other times kind of yucky.

I did like the fact that it is told from Ivy’s point of view, and I loved Rachel and her funny snarky self. I am not ready to give up on this graphic novel just yet. It was the first, and the next one will probably have some adjustments based on feedback. I look forward to checking it out, but I don’t think I can recommend paying hardback prices unless you are a die-hard Rachel Morgan fan and want to have it for your collection.

If I wasn't such a Hollows fan I would probably give this 2 1/2 sheep, but because I am a softy and they did a great job with Rachel's character, I give this...

3 Ketchup eating Sheep (I made a Hollows reference)

SS (edited by BAK)


  1. I find I have a really hard time enjoying a graphic novel adapted from a favorite series. For some reason, even if the artwork is outstanding and they fit the author's picture, they are not the pictures in my mind and this is disturbing to me. I found this particularly true when I got my first, which was from LKH's Anita Blake series. I have vowed since then to not venture into the graphic novel world of my favorite series. I want to have my friends (i.e. characters in a story) live in my subjective minds eye. That is not to say others could not derive great pleasure from these adaptations, but rather my subjective preference. Thanks for sharing today.

  2. I hate all these comic book adaptions, especially if the story is one that's not been told in the books. It feels like forced consumerism (is that a word?) where you have to buy the comic to get the whole story.

    And I'm probably going to get clobbered, but I think most of the comicbook artists do a crappy job. It's too muscley, too shiny, too plasticy for me and I wouldn't even buy those comics if they were half the price as they're so ugly.

  3. I'm pretty excited for this one; I've recently developed an appreciation for GNs and since I love this series, well... I didn't realize it was a prequel though. Thanks for the review!

  4. I agree with McPig and Denise, I like them less if I am familiar with the novel. I really liked the Storm Born graphic novel, but I haven't read the novel before. Good point guys. I've got a review of Conan coming up and it is based on the movie.