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Monday, August 29, 2011

Pariah Issue #2

Pariah by Aron Warner

illustrations: Brett Weldele

writer: Philip Gelatt

Why are the most elite black-op forces chasing a 16 year old girl across the country? Why can’t they find her? And why do they want to kill her? Because they think Lila Ellerman is a terrorist who released a deadly virus into the wild. But really, she’s just a girl with a crush on a guy named Brandon. Yes, she’s figured out the science of controlling anit-matter, but that doesn’t make her a criminal. Will she be able to protect her friends and keep them from being taken prisoner, or worse?

Recently I reviewed issue #1 of Aron Warner’s newest comic
Pariah. I liked the concept of a group of genius teens called “Vitros” who are on the run from the government after being framed for creating and releasing a deadly virus into the world. Issue #1 introduced us to Brent and his capture by government forces. I enjoyed the minimalist art work and the muted colors, but the story hadn’t grabbed me. I felt it wouldn’t have been fair to make a judgment about the series as a whole based on this one issue. I am glad I didn’t!

Issue #2 introduces us to Lila. She is a Vitro that works for Marinus Labs, a corporation that hired as many Vitros as it could and created a kind of boarding school atmosphere for them to work in. We aren’t given much more information about this organization in this issue, but it is clear they might not have the world’s best interests in mind.

Lila and her friends end up barely escaping with their lives when the lab blows up, but they quickly discover they have been blamed. Now, not only are they fugitives, Lila has been pegged as the mastermind behind the lab explosion.

I love Lila’s character. She is Buffy-esque, and has become the reluctant leader of the genius fugitives while trying to get some quality making-out time with her (maybe) boyfriend Brandon. Things were going pretty well when a stranger shows up and tells her to go quietly when “they” come. Then all hell breaks loose.

I am definitely intrigued by this series and look forward to the next issue when we I think we meet the person behind the Virto’s betrayal.

Here is a little snippet from Lila:

“I never thought I could be intimidating. Turns out all it takes is the properly applied use of pyrotechnics. A dash of physical force, and a flair for the dramatic. A week ago, I’d never given a single thought on how to I might be able to make a grown man shit himself.”

Visit the Pariah website for more information about upcoming issues and news.

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  1. LOVE when you review the comics Sharon, great job!

  2. thanks Katie! They sent me issue #3 already. I will be reviewing that one for next week-ish. We should let everyone know we have the big double Conan review coming up this week!

  3. Yes we do...get ready ladies (and men who can take the heat) we should have some very interesting things to say about the shirtless wonder. ;)

  4. interesting art work and sounds like the story is picking up! great review!