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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sheree Atcheson's Geek Chic: How to look Lori Grimes good in a Zombie Apocalypse

Today we bring you a fun article from our pals over at Bad Haven. We hope you enjoy!

Ok, so I best introduce myself. I’m Sheree, your one stop shop for all you need to know about geeky fashion. I’m a QUB computer science student (currently on my placement year) and a part-time model, so I like to think I’ve got both sides covered pretty well , but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Mr McCann, head of all that is Bad Haven, asked me to write you guys’ a wee column , every now and again about the various iconic geeks that we love and adore. So hopefully you’ll like this enough, and you’ll want to see more from me :].

I thought I’d choose the beautiful Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) of The Walking Dead as the inspiration for my first article because apart from the fact she’s unbelievably amazing, we’re all obviously extremely excited about the new series, to be released this October <3! I’m personally a huge fan of the show, not just for the enthralling and gripping story lines, but also for the awesome (yet practical enough to prevent you becoming dinner) fashion Mrs Grimes rocks every episode.

It’s obvious that when everyday is a war against the undead, body con dresses and mini skirts just won’t cut it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look hot, whilst you shoot off a herd of zombies ;p.

Lori is regularly seen sporting lose vests, combat trousers and work boots. Which ticks all the boxes!

All practical, but still incredibly sexy! These kinds of items are easy to pick up anywhere, at high street prices. One of my favourite sites (and where my whole wardrobe hails from) is ASOS, which is where we‘ll be visiting to create our own version of Lori‘s fashion.

Here’s a few vests that wouldn’t look out of place in any zombie-infested scenario :

Raw Edge Washed Vest

Textured Pocket Vest

And my personal favourite :
Basic Slub Scoop Vest Top
Which is very similar to Mrs Lori’s vest here.


Ok, so that’s the top half covered. Now onto the combats. Once again, ASOS never fails.

These are definitely my favourites. And the loose, light material is perfect for holidays or even just for the warm nights out at home ^_^

River Island Turn Up Chino

If you’re feeling like splashing out , then these are perfect for you. They have the perfect Lori element, with that touch of luxury in the quirky design.

G Star Tapered Cargo Trousers

And if you’re after a bargain, then you can’t go wrong with these. Definitely Lori worthy!

River Island Skinny Combat Trousers

Right. So now you’re almost fully on your way to being a kick-ass, zombie demolishing badass. All you need is work boots.


For footwear, the more worn out, and scuffed, the better. No one has pretty, well polished shoes when you’re running for your life, so rugged, messy work boots are the only way forward.

First and foremost, for wearable , fashion forward …yet practical boots, nothing beats Mr
Doc Marten

It’s a common fact that buying a pair of these means you’ve made a seriously awesome investment, because there’s no way in hell they’re getting destroyed any time soon. And longevity is always important when you’re facing a zombie apocalypse.

But for the more savvy buyer, there are many alternatives.

Fur cuff leather ankle boot

Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots

Ok guys, so that should hopefully leave you well and truly Lori-fied. Hope you enjoyed this article and hopefully it’s the first of many.

If you have time, and you’re interested, check out my personal modelling page :]. There’s some awesomely nerdy shots for you all to have a nosey at ;]

Sheree xx

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