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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fright Night, sexy gore + fun!

Fright Night directed by Craig Gillespie stars Colin (omg you're too hott for words) Farrell, Anton Yelchin, David Tennant, Imogen Poots and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. This is a remake with the same snarky humor as the original mixed with a bunch of genuine scares. Thriller for sure! A definite improvement on the original premise by far, giving audiences a nice revamp (like how I added vamp there) with a very modern twist.

Senior Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) finally has it all-he's running with the popular crowd and dating the hottest girl in high school. In fact, he's so cool he's even dissing his best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). But trouble arrives when an intriguing stranger Jerry (Colin Farrell) moves in next door. He seems like a great guy at first, but there's something not quite right-and everyone, including Charlie's mom (Toni Collette), doesn't notice.
medy-horror classic.

First off let's chat a little about man candy Colin as a dark and shifty vamp, absolutely delicious in his acting role throughout the film. Those eyes hooked me from the get-go; pile on his macho-male confident yet restrained portrayal and you have yourself one fine specimen. Yeow! Finger licking good, ladies and gents. I'm in love with this man yes, but I'm giving this an honest review folks. (But please undead gods give me just one night with this man!) Why Colin has not taken more sexy roles like this one is beyond me, he truly made the film what it is: pure entertainment.

Moving on, overall what you have here is a well thought out script with a good flow of storyline mixed in with action. Any movie that can mention Farscape AND Twilight will no doubt get high marks from this nerd girl. It's how I roll people. ;) For those that love a good scare you'll jump out of your seats a few times and get a good laugh the next moment. Solid story, excellent music score, well shot and wonderfully directed all give further appeal for the movie goer. A banging soundtrack will have you bobbing your head till the final end credits roll on screen.

It was a tad hokey at the end, but really what more were you expecting from a thriller? This movie won't be saving lives with its message so if you're looking for something that's a bit more earth-shattering I recommend you check out something else. It's a vampire movie that sucks, but in just the right way. :)

Getting 4 ready for the taking by Colin Sheep.


  1. This is getting great reviews almost everywhere. One said "Farrell’s work alone is enough to make Fright Night worth a look." I love weres, but there's always room for a sexy vamp. This is definitely going on my must-see for the next get-together with my daughters (who are as addicted to the paranormal as I am).

  2. I joke with my son, that half the women in America would be in line to be vampires if they all looked like Colin Farrell.LOL. I have to see this movie.

  3. Clearly you people are missing the real man-candy of this film. The one and only David Tennant.

  4. Oh, BAK, you are so funny. I want to see this one! Fingers crossed, I hope to go this weekend :)

  5. I am glad to see that this movie is up to par with the original. You hardly find a movie that is as good as or better than it's original counter part. Looks like Colin Farrell found his perfect movie role. He should play more vamps.

  6. I agree with you Amy S, he should play lots more roles as sexy vamps. And Mary tell me what you think after giving it a viewing! Can't wait to hear all your thoughts on it. :)

  7. I am not a big Colin Farrell fan, but he has never looked better than he did in this film.

  8. I want to see this!! I love David Tennant (miss him as the doctor! boo hoo! I still cry when I watch his last episode!)