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Saturday, August 20, 2011

We interupt this blog for some nonsense...

Recently the staff at I Smell Sheep got together to discuss some important stuff like...why can't woodchucks be trusted, wool care and what is that smell? Not much was resolved except a good conditioner is the key to manageable wool on a humid day.

Anyway. Our Alpha Ewe, Katie offered to take us to an all you can eat buffet! I know, right? She is just too good to us. It was the perfect opportunity to get a picture of all of us together! It was nice to graze and let it all hang out for a while (yes, Richard went a little to far ).

I thought I would give you guys some funny for the day...first a joke!

Q: How do you make Holy Water?

A: Boil the hell out of it!!!
*crickets* come on guys, that is funny, right?

Here is some video E-crack! I just thought up that term. Maybe I will start calling
books for my kindle...Kindle Krack! That would make me a Kindle Krack Head I need a shirt...

This is an oldie, but a goodie! It is also an ear worm...

Okay, enough silliness for one day I will leave you with something for our smut fans

and something for our Nerd ones!

I return this blog to regularly scheduled posts....


  1. LOL

    Kindle Krack love it- thanks for a funny way to start the day

  2. har freaking har Sharon! lmao this was soooooo funny I just had to take a break from my vaca to comment. :) Love it! xoxoxox

  3. Thanks, I visited a sheep farm recently and thought this picture was appropriate, well once I covered up certain sheep parts. Who knew sheep were so "there" .