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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sheree Atcheson's Geek Chic - How to look Resident Evil Fabulous

Hi guys. Me again, your main source for all geeky fashion. I hope you all enjoyed my first article on Lori Grimes (of The Walking Dead) as much as I enjoyed writing it.

So I’m back again. I thought I’d keep the theme of bad-ass zombie ladies going and take a look at Alice Abernathy (played by the stunning Milla Jovovich) from the Resident Evil series. As we all know, there are 4 movies in the Resi series, so I’m going to dive into 2 of them …

Resident Evil


Resident Evil : Extinction.

Like Lori, Alice’s clothing is not there merely to be sexy (although it is unbelievably hot). It’s there to provide her with quick access to the tools she needs to survive the ongoing apocalypse and defeat the Umbrella Corporation.

Ok. So let’s get stuck in. We’ll start with Alice’s look from the first movie.

The whole crux of this film originates from the concept that Alice remembers nothing, other than waking up naked in her shower, with a red dress strewn across her bed. So the practicality level of this outfit is slightly less than her outfits in the following films. However, the practicality factor is definitely compensated for in it’s styling.
As with Lori, skin tight, restrictive clothing just isn’t going to cut it when you’re having to run faster than you’ve ever ran before, because if you don’t, you’ll become a human Happy Meal. We can see how this has been taken into consideration in the light material and loose symmetrical cut of the dress, alongside the jersey dress underneath (to keep it decent ).

So let’s try and make this outfit wearable, for nights out … or whenever you just feel like dressing up like Alice.

For the girly version of Alice, perhaps for an evening dinner or a sophisticated night out, we have this beauty.

We can clearly see the Alice-inspiration in it’s asymmetrical cut and deep red colour. Try teaming this with gladiator leather heels, a wide obi belt, dark eye makeup and an incredibly chic hair quiff.

For the more adventurous lady, we have this sexy alternative (and my personal favourite).

With the thigh-skimming hem and sheer material, it isn’t possible to get a more Alice-esque dress. This dress isn’t for the faint-hearted. However, if you still want to give it a go, throw on a pair of boy shorts or a black jersey mini underneath. Team this dress with sky high leather ankle boots, huge hair and black nails. Sexy zombie killer chic….check!

And for the elegant zombie destroyer in you, there’s this fantastic option.

Yes, yes I know. It’s incredibly feminine and formal but what girl can resist an absolute steal of a dress like this one. This dress has the typical Alice-asymmetrical cut and the soft drapes in the intense red fabric means you’ll be the attention of the whole room … for all the right reasons.

So , onwards and upwards. To one of Alice’s other statement looks.

This is personally one of my favourite looks, of all time. I love the layering, the camel tones, the practicality…everything!
Ok, so there’s not many ways we can interpret this one. It’s pretty straight forward and to be honest, I think Alice’s version cannot be beaten, and as we all know… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Firstly, let’s start with the accessories. There are several scarves (which can be used to keep the sand out of your eyes, when trekking the windy desert), a khaki belt and fingerless gloves (to ensure you don’t lose your grip on that sub machine gun or kukri knife)!

Ok, scarves. To be honest, at any small accessories shop or even a market stall, you should be able to find these kinds of scarves at bargain prices. But here are some online goodies too.

Ebay never fails!

To perfect the Alice look, take 2 scarves and layer them up!

The khaki belt is one of the easier items to find.

And finally, the fingerless gloves. If all else fails, just buy a pair of dark green/black gloves and cut the fingers off yourself! Cheaper, and it’ll totally add to the rugged, runaway style!

Now that we’re all sorted with accessories, let’s get stuck into the main outfit. It’s pretty much made up of a long trench coat, biker boots, thigh high socks, mini camel shorts, a dark brown vest, layered with a white vest. No biggie…right ?!

Ok, so trench coats aren’t cheap, so you might as well buy one that’s not only practical for slaughtering zombies, but also for work, going out and other every day activities.

For the savvy shopper, we have

And for the shopper, who wants to splurge we have

I absolutely LOVE this coat. The attention to detail is second to none and the cut is definitely flattering for all shapes and sizes. It emphasises a small waist on an hourglass figure, and adds curves for the more boyish figures.

Biker boots are easy to come by. Even the boots I mentioned before in my Lori Grimes article would do fine. There are also these bad boys too that would totally complete the Alice look.

I personally have these boots myself, and they’ve lasted for absolutely ages. Definitely a lengthy investment!

Now, the thigh high socks, which undoubtedly adds the sexy flair that any zombie seductress craves. These socks prove that flashing just that small bit of flesh, as opposed to your whole leg, not only has zombies chasing after you, but everyone else too!

Khaki shorts are staple for any summer. And if you don’t have khaki ones, dark denim ones would do the job too!

The vests are the final piece of the puzzle. I personally wouldn’t spend a lot of money on vests, because apart from the fact that zombie intestines and the blood of the Umbrella corporation will end up splattered all over them, they’ll also end up stained and worn over a short amount of time. Pick up a few vests from your local Primark or even pop into New Look for some cheap alternatives!

So that’s it guys. I hope you feel well and truly Alicified. I had the privilige of having a sci-fi shoot not too long that was inspired by the styling of the kick ass Alice.

Let me know what you think here

I’d love to hear from you all!

I loved writing this article and I can’t wait to write the next. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy “researching” for and writing it.
Until the next time,

Sheree xx


  1. Alice is my favorite movie heroine! I have always wanted to have her red hero dress made for Halloween. Maybe this year :) thanks for putting this post together. They are fun

  2. who makes those motorcycle boots?? I am in LOVE.

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