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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dani Harper Interview

Today it brings the Sheep great pleasure to introduce you all to author and good friend to the site Dani Harper! She has one heck of a great series going on right now about Changeling wolves, talk about sexy men and one well written story! She's got ALL you're craving and more. Check out the interview below and make sure to stick around till the end for the fabulous prizes Dani is offering up to 3 winners!

Dead of Winter. Alaska. 2 frozen Sheep and 1 Changeling meet.

Katie: Hello Dani and thanks for stopping by to chat with us today! For folks that may not know about your Changeling Series, can you tell them a little about the world you are creating?

Dani: The first thing I’d say is that a lot of this world actually exists and I’ve merely added to it or rearranged it. I’ll leave it to the reader to suss out the reality from the fiction, however. ;)

The Peace River region of northern Canada is a unique place where raw wilderness exists side by side with farmers’ fields. Moose, deer, mountain lions, bears and wolves can be found here. As well as some creatures that are hard to find anywhere…. The quiet rural community of Dunvegan is home to a Changeling Pack, and the humans who live there have no idea that their friends and neighbors have another side to them. A very large four-legged side with very big teeth….

Sharon: You have mentioned seeing a pack of wolves gave you inspiration, but what if you had seen a Yeti? Could a Yeti be smexy?

Dani: Probably not. There’s the whole long hair thing 24-7, and of course, the smell. I’ll give the Yeti points for broad shoulders though. I do like broad shoulders…

Katie: You added new elements to the normal "changelings" or "shapeshifter" and all for the better, but how did you come up with these ideas?

Dani: Oh gosh, that’s the magic question, isn’t it? I have no idea. Honest – most of my characters pop up fully formed in my head, names and all. As for the qualities and abilities that my Changelings possess, they usually come with them! My daughter says that my subconscious is simply working on this stuff all the time when I’m not aware of it. Like that’s not disturbing – just what else goes on in my head that I’m not aware of?

(Sharon: cues up the Twilight Theme music)

Katie: I certainly understand that, will Changelings with “other” powers show up in upcoming books?

Dani: I think there’s a real possibility of that. My characters like to surprise me. It’s not unusual for my husband to catch me yelling “You can’t do that!” at my computer because a character has just pulled something out of a hat and sent the plot careening in a totally different direction.

Sharon: Is there a natural wonder you have always wanted to go visit?

Dani: I finally got to see Meteor Crater in Arizona this year (AWESOME – and the final scene of Starman was filmed there too! SQUEEE!) Now, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico tops my list of wannasees at present. But I have a list of supernatural wonders too – went vortice hunting in Sedona, now I want to check out Roswell, Area 51, Stonehenge etc.…

Katie: Your second novel, Changeling Dream, came out in June. How different is that book from the first one, Changeling Moon?

Dani: Changeling Moon is Connor’s story, and Changeling Dream belongs to Connor’s older brother, James. The stories are actually very different even though they take place in the same location and feature many of the same characters. James’ story is more of an internal journey – he has to overcome tragedy and trauma, and make the choice to be human. And most of all, he has to allow himself to love and be loved again. My readers drool over Connor, but it’s usually James that grabs their hearts.

Sharon: I am always interested in a writer’s “space” - Where do you like to write and are you a morning or night person?

Dani: Like my character, Zoey Tyler, in Changeling Moon, I’m one of those annoying morning people. My brain is at its best when I wake up between 5 and 6 a.m., so that’s the best time for writing for me. The downside is that I couldn’t be a night person if I wanted to – I’m out cold before 10 p.m. Sometimes before 9!

As for where I write, it’s a case of have laptop, will travel. I do have an office but I’m seldom in it. Anywhere else around the house is great – the back porch, the living room couch, the kitchen table, etc. My pugs, Toby and Fiona, are glued to my side at all times too (they’re convinced they’re helping).

I also write when I’m out on our commercial fishing boat, The Cameo. (Unless I have wheel watch of course – steering into a floating kelp bed while trying to straighten out a scene would be bad. Very very bad.) Trying to write at sea can be challenging even if my sweetheart’s at the helm – you have the constant motion to contend with and lots of interruptions. Last time, a rogue wave came in the side window of the wheelhouse and splashed the laptop! Luckily I slammed the lid just in time and my computer survived the soaking.

Sharon: Catch any mermaids yet, or wishing fish?

Dani: So far our more unusual catches include jellyfish the size of soccer balls, the occasional shark, and a ling cod that was as big as our deckhand. You’d like ling cod – they look like spiny sea dragons when you haul them in! I’m still hoping for that wishing fish to show up though…

Katie: As a vampire lover I sometimes have a hard time adjusting to other stories but let me tell you these men are hot and so well written that I got right into it from the start! Did you base any of these men off people in your personal life or actors perhaps?

Dani: I had this discussion recently with my grown daughters, all of whom are paranormal fans and read my books. Our consensus was: not a bit. My characters just don’t seem to resemble anyone we know or even a combination of people we know or have met. And as I mentioned earlier, almost all of my characters pop up fully formed. In this case, Connor Macleod and his entire family showed up all at once! (Yes, it gets pretty noisy in my head sometimes.)

Katie: IF you do ever happen to run into a vampire on your writing journey make sure to pass along my number. *evil laugh*

Dani: Sure thing, but I hope you have a Plan B for Saturday night because so far, no vamps have shown up. It surprises me because ghosts, faeries and other creatures haven’t hesitated to introduce themselves. The vampires are probably just waiting to make an entrance. They’re like that.

Katie: Who so far has been your favorite character to write about and why?

Dani: Birkie Peterson. She’s been the vet clinic receptionist for Connor since forever, and she’s wonderfully wise and down to earth. While she knows all about Changelings, she isn’t one herself – but she’s more than human too. She keeps everyone guessing as to what she is while she mentors the Macleods and their friends. In Book Three, Changeling Dawn (January 2012), Birkie has her most active role yet.

Katie: January seems so far away!

Sharon: Finish this sentence “People think I am weird because….” (give us something good here!)

Dani: …. because I write about werewolves. I live in a small island town and I seldom run into anyone who knows what the paranormal IS never mind reads books in that genre, LOL! They already look at me a little oddly because I’m a writer and on the quiet keep-to-myself side. When I tell them WHAT I write about, you can hear crickets just before someone changes the subject.

Sharon: You soooo need the shirt that says “I kill people for a living” or “Be careful or I’ll put you in my next novel”

Dani: LOL - Just read one that says “Warning – Anything you say will end up misquoted in my book.”

Katie: If you could change into any animal what would it be?

Dani: I’d choose a wolf (of course!) or perhaps an eagle. Although I’m thinking that being a dolphin could be a lot of fun. I like the water.

Sharon: Do you get to do any pleasure reading? What are some of your favorite authors/series?

Dani: I adore reading, although I don’t get to read as much as I’d like to these days. My fav authors are Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance, JR Ward, Molly Harper, Kevin Hearne, Christine Feehan and Katie MacAlister, plus many other writers of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Stephen King IS the King, and I also enjoy Dan Simmons and Dean Koontz. I guess you can see the supernatural theme going on here, LOL.

Sharon: We have the same taste in authors. I bet an eReader would have to be a must, living on a small island like that!

Dani: Hey, have post office, will order from Amazon! So I’ve always been able to get books (and I have the sagging, groaning shelves to prove it.) However, my kids got together and gave me a Kindle for my birthday this year. Love it, love it, LOVE it! But I have to warn you, it’s waaaaaaay too easy to buy books now!

Katie: Some reviewers have noticed that the necklace on your covers has yet to be revealed, I know you have all the info coming up soon?

Dani: The medallion is called The Soul of the Wolf and Book Six will tell all…. *laughs mysteriously*.

Katie: *adds an evil laugh for the heck of it*

Sharon: *adds an evil laugh, not sure why…*

Katie: If scientist came up with the technology to advance human life 500 years and all you had to do was take a pill, would you do it?

Dani: Totally. I’m too curious about what will happen next not to. And I need all the time I can get to write down all the stories that are swirling around in my brain.

Katie: And now Dani we are moving into our Rapid Fire question round! Sit back, relax and answer with the first thing that pops in. Ready?…..Set…..Go!

Katie: Twinkie or Ho Hos

Dani: Gack – maybe if I was under siege by zombies, but otherwise I’d prefer a fresh donut with my coffee. Preferably a jelly one with powdered sugar or a crunchy cinnamon cruller. (Dang, I think I just gained a pound thinking about it!)

Sharon: Team Twinkie!!!

Dani: Do you know there’s a Facebook page called that?

Sharon: Fried fish or Broiled

Dani: It took years for my husband to convince me that fish is meant to be delicately sautéed or poached, or better yet, made into sushi. (But I’ll admit that once in a while, when no one’s looking, I like my fish fried up English-style in a beer batter and served with chips and coleslaw!)

Katie: Candle light or Spot light

Dani: Fire light. With hotdogs and marshmallows. (See what you’ve done? Now I’ve got food on the brain! Even the dang Twinkie is looking good!)

Katie: Oh I do all the time too, on a diet atm so let’s just talk about all this great junk food! hehehe

Sharon: Clue or Candyland

Dani: Clue, hands down. Although at this point I’d probably eat the Candyland board.

Sharon: snort!

Katie: Captain America or Green Lantern

Dani: Haven’t seen these movies yet, so I’m not sure. I’m usually a Batman or X-men kind of gal, but Ironman is pretty darn cool. What I’m really stoked for is the upcoming Avengers movie (Joss Whedon utterly RULES!)

Katie: Okay I think we can all accept that Joss Whedon is the right answer to any question.

Sharon: *nods solemnly*

Sharon: “Bad Moon Rising” or “Werewolves of London”

Dani: The Warren Zevon song, definitely.

Katie: Short sword or Dagger

Dani: Always keep a dagger in your boot. If you can’t do that, have a hunting knife on your hip. (Sounds like one of BAK’s Adventurer’s Rules!)

Katie: Shout out to BAK!!!

Sharon: Mountain hike or Beach stroll

Dani: Is it grizzly season? Because if the bears are out, I’ll pick the beach. Better yet, I want a beach in Mexico. Here in Alaska, the beaches are mostly rock.

Sharon: And I hear the mesquites can carry away a small dog!

Dani: Definitely. The mosquito is the Alaska State Bird. My pugs are in constant danger.

Katie: Coke or Pepsi

Dani: Pepsi who?

Katie: HAHAHA! LOVE it!

Sharon: *weeps silently for your misguided ways*

Sharon: Sink or Swim

Dani: Swim hard, swim fast. (Seriously, would anyone choose “sink”?)

Katie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Beetlejuice

Dani: Beetlejuice, although I’ve always had a soft spot for Leonardo…

Sharon: Plaid or Gingham

Dani: Plaid. PLAID. And did I say plaid? I get weak-kneed when my man wears those plaid flannel workshirts. Which, lucky for me, he does most of the time. They’re just so doggone manly.

Katie: Speed Boat or Party Boat

Dani: Not much for speed boats – I like to look around. Not much for parties either. I like sail boats, canoes, kayaks – quiet boats that are in tune with the water instead of trying to overpower it.

Sharon: Man titty cover or Man back cover

Dani: Back, definitely. *sighs*

Sharon: Draped in PLAID?

Dani: Omigod, yes, yes, YES!

Katie: Sexy Dress or Sexy Skirt

Dani: Sorry, but I wouldn’t wear a dress at gunpoint. I’m strictly a blue jeans baby. (You can check with my husband – he had to make a special request for me to wear a dress on our wedding day! I did it for him, but just that one time.)

Katie: Sexy blue jeans then.

Dani: The kind with little rhinestones on the back pockets…

Katie: Supernatural or the History Channel?

Dani: Both! Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood – anything with a paranormal element has my attention right NOW! But I confess to being totally addicted to science and history shows. Yes, it’s true, I’m a closet geek! (and I’ve just outed myself on your blog!)

Sharon: How about Being Human? I like that one, kind of depressing though…

Dani: I like what I’ve seen of that series too. Thoughtful and realistic (can you say “realistic” when you’re talking about beings that allegedly don’t exist?).

Sharon: Thanks for visiting with us today! Next time we are coming to your place. I have never been to Alaska! (yes, I just invited us to your place )

Dani: I’ll break out the herring eggs and salmon jerky.

Sharon: er…I’ll bring the food ;)

Katie: And I'll bring the vamp blood!!! lol

Katie: Thanks again for stopping by, Dani, this has been a blast! Where can folks find you over the coming months?

Dani: THANK YOU for having me – I love visiting this wild and woolly site!

The best way to find me is through my website at My “Connect” page has all my contact info PLUS a calendar of what I’m supposed to be doing when and where I’ll be in cyberspace. (And yes, I have to check it regularly or I’d have no idea)

PS -- I’d be pathetically grateful if your readers would consider “fanning” me on Facebook ( ) or following me on Twitter (!/Dani_Harper ) Huge thanks!


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    I must say I'm already the best animal anyone could be, but I wouldn't mind being able to turn into a raven or seagull so I could fly.

    ps: what the heck is Gingham?

    hoping this is international!

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    +1 I'm a Sheep!

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  4. @McPig- Gingham is a checkered pattern material. Like a picnic blanket.

  5. im a follower!!

    and i would be a cat of some sort, be it puma, jaguar, lynx..

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    Very excited about this series... the covers are amazing and very eye-catching!

    I would love to shift into a black panther... I think they just the most beautiful when it comes to big cats:)

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  12. Well Dani - I know I've answered this before - but I've been hearing a lot of owls around here lately, and I really love them. They are so mysterious, they are out at night ( I am the opposite of you - literally a night owl!) and they of course, can fly. So owls it is!

  13. Okay I have just finished my donut while drinking my coffee (in your honor Dani) and reading this fun interview. Thank you so much for sharing of yourself with us today and for the awesome giveaway opportunity. I recently read the question if you could if you could shift into any animal what would it be and must have been tired because I thought it said tiny animal. Now I had to really rack my brain on that one, but I liked what popped in. How about a ferret - a sneaky wily ferret with awesome powers that could go after the beasties chasing the sheep and take them down :) Yes, I could squeeze in and out of tiny places, eavesdrop on the bad guys plans, have telepathic powers, as well as really sharp little teeth, and do my part to save the day. Yep a ferret would be just fine. I really want to win this giveaway - so check the lint catcher for my name and pick me plzzzzz LOL


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    This series is on my wishlist and I really like that it is set in a Canadian town.

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    I got a kick out of your not wearing dresses. I have a collection of them in my closet that I never get around to wearing. Keep thinking I will need them eventually. I don't have any blue jeans with rhinestones, but I haven't bought any with holes aready in them either. I can put those holes in them from working in the yard.

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    Great interview Dani...I really really love this series. I plowed through the first two and can't wait for Changeling Dawn. I think Birkie is so cool; can't wait to learn more about her.

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  38. Cassandra Pearson


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  47. Contest Closed! I will be picking the winners (3 of you) using the Dryer method. Why? because I can .

  48. Orelukjpo is the winner of the signed copy of my latest release, Changeling Dream. Jacqui R gets the bookbag with the signed cover flats and Janel M gets the portable plush wolf. Congrats to the winners and THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to comment on the blog. It was a lot of fun!

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