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Friday, August 5, 2011

Silly Sappy Angel Love

Ashes of Angels by Michele Hauf

As a muse, Cassandra Stevens had been warned of the Fallen angel who'd one day come to impregnate her with a nephilim, an evil offspring. But no one could have foreseen that Samandriel—the raven-haired, silver-winged Fallen one—would sweep her off her feet. Against all good sense, Sam stirred her suppressed desires, yet for her own sake she dared not arouse his carnal ones. For Sam had been summoned to earth by a dark vampire lord. And more Fallen were on their way. Despite the dangers, Cassandra needed Sam by her side, for only together could they prevent the apocalypse that had been unleashed…

(Be sure to read my thoughts about her world building before you make your decision on this book/series)

This story is a bunch of silly and smexy fun set in Hauf’s Beautiful Creature’s World. You don’t have to read her books in order to understand this one because she does a good job of explaining the rules in the world she has created. This story is about Cassandra, a muse, and Samandriel (Sam), a Fallen Angel, and how they meet, fall in love and help save the world from a vampire willing to bring Hell on earth in his quest to live in the sun.

Cassandra is a great heroine. She is smart, funny and strong. She has spent her whole life being told she must never let her Fallen Angel (every muse has a Fallen Angel that they are bound to) find her, because they are evil and only want to impregnate their muse with a Nephilim monster, which will probably kill her at birth and then feed on the flesh of humans. I know, right? .

Samandriel (take a moment to roll my eyes at his silly, sappy self) is one of the Fallen. They got a bad rep. They weren’t very nice to their Muses when they fell but Sam isn’t like his Fallen Brothers. He respects women and doesn’t want to hurt them. He is completely innocent when it comes to love and sex (you can guess what this means ;). While Sam was smexy, can you say 30 foot wings made of silver with a body that rocks the mortal world? He is over the top with the “I respect women and will never hurt you”. To the point of annoying. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him. It was just the things that came out of his mouth were way too sappy for an alpha . The only time he wasn’t sappy was when he took on his half form and he spent the entire book trying not to. Well, in his defense he did become kind of an ass in that form.

The two made for some funny moments while she poked fun at his naivety, and there was some hot angel sex. If you enjoy cute and light reading with a predictable PNR HEA you will love this story. They won’t make my favorite couple list, but I tend to like things a little darker. The cool thing is while this was their story, the book is set in Hauf’s Beautiful Creature World and this is where this series shines!

My thoughts on the Beautiful Creature World:

Hauf has built a very complex world. She has created an original mythos involving Fallen Angels, Vampires, Muses and Demons that is totally kick ass! I was constantly amazed at her creativity and found my mouth hanging open and thinking “how freaking cool” many times. Even though I didn’t particularly like how Sam acted, I can’t wait to read more about the other creatures in this world!

You must visit Hauf’s website, she is quite the vampire lover ;) There are so many cool things to see there like a database of over 4500 vampire stories, a glossary of all the creatures in her world, a blog and many other little treasures, including trading cards for three of her sxexy heroes (you got to see these guys). Take a look at her bibliography! This is a busy lady. I am positive you will find something that will appeal to you.

*There is a short story at the end of Ashes of Angels that tells the story of how Cassandra’s sister, Coco meets her vampire lover Zane. It was such a cute and funny story, and Zane…the scarred Ninja vampire that thinks he is a monster and not worthy of love, will make you smile and squeee!

I am going to have to do one of my famous split ratings here (okay, I’ve only done it once before, but I have high aspirations)

This story gets 3 Sappy Sheep

The Beautiful Creature World gets 5 Freaking Clever Sheep!

SS (edited by BAK)

ARC received through NetGalley


  1. Hmm... I might try another book in this setting, but certainly not this one.

  2. I'm interested in visiting Hauf's website to check out the vampire stories! Thanks for that. I will try a sample of this book on my kindle first to see what it is like. Thanks for the honesty of the review.

  3. Thanks for sharing about silly sappy angle love :)