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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Musa Publishing releases

I wanted to share with you some titles I found over at Musa Publishing. A couple of them I have gotten for review.
This one caught my eye immediately, cause it has Gnomes, mean nasty ones...

Word Count: 8000
Author: Julie Jansen
ISBN: 978-1-61937-196-5
When a gnome family takes up residence under a house in a suburban neighborhood, a human family realizes the creatures aren’t your normal garden variety. They’re a new breed, a mutated invasive species infiltrating North America. The animals are worse than rats, bats, possums, or raccoons. They’re extremely territorial and skilled with bows and poison arrows. When an unemployed dad is tasked with ridding his house of the nasty little pests he realizes he’s got his work cut out for him. The chore proves one that endangers not only his property value, but the lives of his family.

This one sounds like a blast to read. I got a review copy :)

Word Count: 90000
Author: Ted Mendelssohn
Heat Level: 1
ISBN: 978-1-61937-195-8
Genre Epic Fantasy
For a thousand years, Excalibur has been the sword of heroes. Unfortunately, its new owner isn’t one.
Ever since he arrived in Paris, Henry the Rat has made a pretty good living selling“magic” swords to gullible knights. But when Henry sells one to Geoffrey Plantagenet, brother to King Richard, his happy days are over for good. Geoffrey forces Henry into a dangerous, uncomfortable quest for the most famous magic sword of all time, Excalibur, even though Henry is certain that it’s just a myth.
Then Henry actually finds Excalibur - and his troubles really start: For Excalibur is not just the sword of heroes…it’s also the sword that won’t SHUT UP. It communicates with its owner, it knows what kind of owner it deserves, and Henry doesn’t even come close.
To keep Excalibur and the world safe from the appalling Geoffrey, Henry will have to masquerade as a knight, crash a royal wedding, rescue a princess, break a siege, penetrate the secrets of the Perilous Brotherhood, and find Excalibur’s rightful bearer, all while trying to reach an accommodation with a snotty, aristocratic hunk of steel that mocks him, takes over his body, and keeps trying to turn him into the one thing he hates most…a hero.

If you love Gini Koch, she writes for Musa under the name Anita Ensal.

Word Count: 5500
Author: Anita Ensal
ISBN: 978-1-61937-204-7
When Little Mams and Junior suspect there’s trouble brewing in the big city, Big Mams, armed with an old iron skillet, comes to investigate.
When their neighbors are disappearing and acting strangely, Junior and Little Mams know it’s time to call in for reinforcements—Big Mams.
Things aren’t usually what they appear to be for anyone from The Neighborhood, and the neighborhood where her daughter and son-in-law are living in the “big city” is harboring something very nasty. But Big Mams didn’t come to visit alone…and she won’t be going home alone, either.

I also got this one for review- one of the characters is named Sharon <G>

Word Count: 17200
Author: S.G. Rogers
Heat Level: 1
ISBN: 978-1-61937-179-8
Genre Spec Fic, fantasy
An adventurous woman meets a romantic hero from the pages of a book, bigger than life and twice as Elvish.
Kidnapped from Earth and abandoned in Asgard of Norse mythology, Dani Avery must fight to return home. When she stumbles upon a band of outlaws, Prince Rein agrees to take her to the Rainbow Bridge personally. Although Dani is attracted to the handsome elf, his only interest seems to be in separating her from the magical sword and shield at her side. In Asgard City, rules, regulations and bureaucrats stymie Dani’s quest. Increasingly frustrated and desperate, she seeks help among powerful immortals. Unfortunately, Dani becomes ensnared in a devious trap that may leave her stranded and alone in Asgard forever.


  1. I am rushing out to my garden and letting my gnome buddies they have a new book out! Thanks for sharing today.

  2. They all look interesting, though I admit the gnome story seems the most unusual, LOL!