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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sheep Comic Review: Mind The Gap #1-Image Comics

Mind the Gap #1
By: Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo, and Sonia Obeck

After Elle Petersen is mysteriously attacked on a Manhattan subway platform, she is left in a coma, the only clues to her attacker trapped inside her mind. No one knows the identity of the person behind this brutal beating or where they will strike next. In this ALL-NEW ONGOING series, everyone is suspect, and no one is innocent. USAToday calls it an "anxiously anticipated modern thriller...Whodunit? McCann's done it again."
Eisner-winning writer JIM McCANN joins RODIN ESQUEJO (MORNING GLORIES) and SONIA OBACK (S.H.I.E.L.D., The Defenders) unite for a psychological thriller that will leave you guessing at every turn!

The synopsis for this series drew me in right away when I read it in a Comic Shop Newsletter a few months ago. I have to say that I was not disappointed; getting to read a "whodunit" style comic is a a great break from the good-guy/bad-guy style that most of us are used to.

The story revolves around Elle Petersen, who is found beaten and left for dead at the 50th Street subway station. No one knows why she was there or who attacked her. Elle makes one phone call to her friend Jo before slipping into a coma, but Jo loses the call to a dead line. A few phone calls are made after that to find out what happened and finally Elle's family gets a phone call that she is in the hospital. Outside of the hospital you get to "overhear" a phone conversation discussing the situation, and what the next step is. The only clue as to the identity of the caller is the eyes of one of the parties.

Elle finds herself unable to remember her name, let alone where she is, and then sees herself in a hospital bed hooked up to a few machines. At this point a piece of the puzzle shown, simply by having "Days-0 Hours- 1:22" on the page. Elle is trying to remember things, the song No Rain from Blind Melon is playing in her head, and Elle is suddenly dressed at the Bee Girl from the video. Elle finds it odd that she can remember the girl from the video but not her own name. She ends up back in the hospital room looking over her own body while her family is sitting in her room and Elle gives a very vague description about her family at this point. There is a lot of tension going on between the members of Elle's family and her friends and it is made clear that Elle's brother does not care much for her boyfriend.

Things take an odd turn at this point of the story and until the end there are multiple things going on; we are introduced to 3 new "players" in this story centering around Elle. Dr. Hammond, who takes charge of looking over Elle since he is more concerned about the money that the family has donated to the hospital and how much they could donate in the future. Dr. Gina Geller who was supposed to be looking over Elle but she knows that there is information being hidden from her and the rest of the staff. And an unknown man named Harold Crenshaw who gets a phone call that involves something about Elle.

During this time Elle is introduced to someone named "Bobby" and he takes it upon himself to be Elle's guide in "The Garden". Bobby explains to Elle that it's a go-between where the spirit goes when the body is in a coma or other form of stasis. Elle finds out that everything that she is seeing including Bobby is all in her mind and that none of it really exists, that it is nothing more than her mind coping with the situation and shock of what happened to her.

If you are looking for a change of pace in a comic series that has more of a noir "Twin Peaks" feel to it, this is a new comic that you should really check out. I have a feeling that this will be a huge success during this Spring/Summer run of comics.

4/5 sheep

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