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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sheep Book Review: Forever Claimed by Rachel Lee

Forever Claimed, by Rachel Lee, is the third installment of The Claiming saga. A Twilight remake…with sex. But dude, you're not Edward.

Since the death of his claimed mate, the only thing that's kept Luc St. Just's heart beating is his quest for vengeance. His contempt for rogue vampires runs deep. So when a mysterious woman is brutally attacked, Luc's protective instincts—and his will to live—are suddenly reawakened….As a werewolf who can't shape-shift, Dani Makar wants only to lead a "normal" life. But when the magnetically seductive Luc risks his life to save hers, Dani is torn between everything she believes…and an unstoppable, soul-deep desire.Fiercely drawn to each other, these two sworn enemies fall into a passionate alliance. But evil's wrath cannot be underestimated, nor its ability to destroy….

I jumped into this saga without reading the previous books and really I’m not sure that would have mattered much. The storyline itself was pretty simple and easy to follow so in that respect you could pick up with the series at any point. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything all that enticing about the story or characters that kept my attention or invested my emotions. It’s all very vanilla.

I’m not sure why the author choose to tap into the Twilight saga other then maybe she didn’t have much else inspiration to go on. Whatever the case, I didn’t enjoy the rewashed scenarios in the least. Let me list out some of the similarities just to make this very clear to everyone.

1. The vampires have yellow eyes.
2. They carry their women on their backs.
3. They run super fast.
4. They are reluctant to “change” their human lovers.
5. Newborns wreaking havoc and wanting to take out the good vamps that only drink bagged blood.
6. Humans that shift into wolves.
7. Vamps team up with Wolves and set aside a long-standing hatred of one another to take out the newborns.
8. And we all live happily ever after.

I guess one of the only major differences from Twilight is the sex pages, no fading to black when things heat up. Thank the undead gods no one had feathers in their hair or was re-living high school over and over. But even our lead characters felt forced into some kind of romance that wasn’t real from the start. It was all very ho-hum and boring, leaving me unsurprised with the predictable plot and underwhelming characters.

I’m going to pass on this saga but if you like reliving tales that have been done already (though far better then this) by all means give Forever Claimed a read.

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  1. Okay, not a book I need to read. Does it really advertise itself as a Twilight spin?