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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Comic Review: Mind The Gap- Volume #1

Mind The Gap - Volume #1

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After Elle Peterssen is mysteriously attacked on a Manhattan subway platform, she is left in a coma, the only clues to her attacker trapped inside her mind. No one knows the identity of the person behind this brutal beating or where they will strike next. In this ALL-NEW ONGOING series, everyone is suspect, and no one is innocent. USAToday calls it an "anxiously anticipated modern thriller...Whodunit? McCann's done it again."

Eisner-winning writer JIM McCANN joins RODIN ESQUEJO (MORNING GLORIES) and SONIA OBACK (S.H.I.E.L.D., The Defenders) unite for a psychological thriller that will leave you guessing at every turn!

"The Mystery behind the attack on Elle Peterssen goes much further back than the actual attack itself. The attack was the first domino falling, and the moment you, dear reader, are thrown into the fray -hope you have your sleuthing hat on!" This is some of what McCann has to say in the back of the book that gives us an idea that there's a bigger conspiracy going to be unfolded for us.

Mind the Gap is a twisty, mind bending, mystery series that takes us on this conspiracy filled journey with Elle Peterssen. Elle appears to be our main focus in this volume; where we're introduced to her, her boyfriend, her best friend, her ever-so-charming well-to-do family (that seems about as cuddly a porcupine), Dr. Geller (who appears to be onto whatever conspiracy is possibly stirring up), Dr. Hammond (not so sure about this guy!), Harold Crenshaw, Crenshaw's assistant Miles, a dark hooded person (who is doing the work of someone talking to him/her on the phone), our tour guide through "The Garden" is mister Bobby, and then there's a coma patient Estaban. Phew! There's a lot of characters at play here but even so the focus remains on Elle and her trying to remember how and why she was attacked. Half way through she starts unlocking some memories leading up to the initial attack and I'm sure as the series continues we'll unlock even more clues as to what's really going on here.

Mind the Gap is beautifully done; the graphics, details, effects (the ghostly glow, the rain falling, car crashing), and the rich colors were all enjoyable and eye catching. The story itself and how it intertwines the characters seen and unseen and how it alternates between the real world and Elle's coma world ("The Garden") is really well done. At first it took me a minute to realize what was happening when we see Elle in this dark room and next thing you know her ghostly body is standing over herself in her hospital bed. From that scene on the scene transitions from "the Garden" (her coma state) as they call it, to what was happening in their world, you quickly catch onto Elle in the her coma state to Elle and the happenings around her in the hospital.

The end scene of the book I must say pretty much got a "WTH!" reaction from me and it's not something I saw coming but I'm strapped in for the ride! I also appreciated at the end of the book how the writer took the time to perhaps point out some details that we might have missed and according to the writer Elle's attacker is one of the characters we were introduced to....but you'll have to read for yourself to fully grasp and start unlocking this bold, new mystery!
Character shout out: Blake Robert Plangman aka Bobby

This is one member of the welcome wagon I'm ok with running into in a dark alley- HEY-O!

I give Mind the Gap 4.5 ghostly sheep heads

Guest Reviewer: Jeni Darling

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