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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sheep Comic Review: The Walking Dead #97

The Walking Dead #97 "Something to Fear"
Creator, Writer: Robert Kirkman
Penciler, Inker, Cover: Charlie Adlard
Published 5/1/2012
[PREVIOUSLY in #96 "A Larger World- Conclusion"]

Rick made a deal with the members of The Hilltop to protect them from Negan's malicious community. This decision was inspired by a new sense of hope- that he and the survivors could finally begin to rebuild civilization and truly start living.

In book #97 we find our badass Rick in tow from The Hilltop with Carl, Glenn, Andrea, and Michone and while driving back to Rick's camp we are introduced to The Saviors (the new baddie Negan's crew). The Saviors come riding in on their bikes and swinging their weapons and threats around in Rick's face. Well Rick takes the opportunity to introduce some bullets to some heads and a katana to a throat, ya know, that's how Rick and crew roll these days! And I like it!! It's been slightly quiet in the books lately gore and zombie-wise, the last time we really got a gore treat was during the "No Way Out" story arc (which had some amazing cover art and illustrations). Although, the quietness is nothing bad folks- it's just the calm before the storm! You figure s*#t is about to hit the fan when you get to a story arc titled "Something to Fear" and judging by that grimacing cover art this won't end pretty.

What I like about Kirkman and crew is that the series has grown past just being a zombie series and is more about these people we've grown to know and either like or dislike and how they're handling end days and surviving. The experiences and feelings are different for each of them and it's interesting to see how they all interact and co-exist together. That said, I think this new story arc "Something to Fear" is going to be fun to see Rick and his camp take on Negan and his camp and if there's anything Kirkman has showed us, it's that no one is safe.

Attached is zombie kill of the week:

This is why I never played sports, too damn dangerous.

I give "Something to Fear- part one" 5 zombie sheep heads
Review by: Jeni Darling


  1. Oh man, I hope Rick gets a katana in the show. That would be so badass!

  2. were you hear this from huh?

  3. Well the katana part was more on Michone's behalf (she's a master at it!) but I think they should all have one! haha
    They're badass and don't require ammo like a gun. which seems to be a constant problem during the end of the world.

    1. Do you recommend we stock pile our ammo now? *bows to the wise zombie goddess*

  4. lol yes! although like Rick and Crew stress ALL the time in the books is, gun shots draw zombie. While wise to stock pile ammo I think it would be wise to stock up on weapons that don't require ammo ;)