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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Movie Review: Battleship - a double review

"Milton Bradley's enduringly popular strategic board game makes the leap to the big screen in Hancock director Peter Berg's epic sci-fi adventure pitting an international naval fleet against an army of invading aliens. When the two forces find themselves evenly matched, each must rely on strategy and cunning in order to emerge the victor. Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard head-up a cast also featuring Liam Neeson, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Tadanobu Asano."  Directed by Peter Berg.

Who knew a board game of pegs could conjure up such a vision! And a fun one at that. The graphics and CGI effects were grandiose and (in my opinion) nicely done. There was one bone I had to pick, and it seems so silly but it bugged me; the shark they show in the water when panning down to show how deep the alien mothership was planted. Out of all the CGI work done, they throw in a terribly fake looking CGI shark. Shark aside; the movie has its tender moments, its funny moments, and it does a nice job of balancing the CGI action with the human scenes.

There are a little bit of man candy for the ladies, yes girls, Skarsgard and Kitsch get shirtless! Woo! For the men you have Brooklyn and her Deckers, and if you like silver foxes, there's Neeson who is in full Neeson-not-to-be-messed with mode. He is one boss man whose feathers I would NOT want to ruffle, that disapproving stare alone...understandable why Kitsch's character has trouble confronting him about situations. In a sea full of men I felt Rihanna held her own and did pretty well as Petty Officer Cora 'Weps' Raikes. The character I really liked (besides Kitsch's abs) was Jesse Plemons as Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord (who wins the award for having the longest title, yay Ordy!). Ordy was the most expressive and had the good lines. I felt he was one of the more genuine characters.

At one point I thought I was watching Titanic (you'll know the moment if you decide to see movie) and was waiting for some heartfelt tender moment between Captain Nagata and Kitsch's Lieutenant Hopper, alas I was let down when no such moment occurred. However worry not; there are tender moments for those who want more than just blowing up action. Such as during the 11th hour when the fleet returns to shore, hopefully to recruit the battleship (and museum) The USS Missouri. Cue awesome classic rock music! On board we find a crew of bad ass veterans who are ready to curb stomp these ridiculous aliens once and for all! In my opinion these fellas steal the rest of the show with their one liners and go-get-em' attitude. Of course it's the seniors who have to come save the young whipper snappers because someone (not you Kitsch!) decided to press some kind of button to unleash some outrageous alien war.

Yes, the fact that they made such a movie based off a board game (where the pieces are always getting lost and of course, you're barefoot walking around and oh! hello game piece that's now impaled into a foot!) at this capacity is pretty crazy. It's a far out concept but you know what... I thought it was a fun summer movie. I wouldn't give it an Oscar nod or anything, but it's a great way to beat the summer heat and get to see some $%@! blown up!

I give it 2.5 alien sheep heads

Sharon’s thoughts: 
I pretty much agree with everything Bunni said. I was thoroughly entertained for 2 hours. The special effects are heart thumping (the man effects are too <G>) and the music score is rocking! My problem was with the dialogue. OMG, so cheesy! I had to roll my eyes at some most parts, but it was with a smile on my face. This is like all those 1990’s Tom Cruise movies. You know, Top Gun and Days of Thunder? My husband was quite pleased with it. If you like action movies then this is one you don’t want to miss. Come ready to smile, roll your eyes and yell “BOO-YAH!”

I am being a little nicer and giving it 3.5 BOOM Sheep!


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed Battleship! There is ALWAYS a crewman like Ord on board. Both myself and my husband are Navy Vets and loved getting back to the language, and yes they talk like that on board! He only objected to live ammo on board a museum. I countered with, well no other ship could use it, so why not? Fun movie and loved how they used the board game to make this. *sigh* good fun, hot men, amusing repartee and aliens, what more could you want?

    1. exactly! I had a problem with the live ammo on the ship too, but sometimes you have to suspend belief I loved the aliens. Everyone in the theater laughed when they put the wave buoy grid up. Nice nod to the game.

  2. Good review Sharon. It's pretty much just Transformers on water, and it's not even that fun. There were occasional moments where it seemed like this flick was getting somewhere, but then it just fell apart and decided to get louder and louder. My ears were pretty much ringing by the end of that and that never happens to me at places, except for maybe concerts.

  3. Dang it, I have such conflicted feelings about this movie! On the one hand, shirtless Askars and Liam Neeson. On the other, it looks hopelessly silly. Though I like hopelessly silly, I usually watch those at home on the big screen.

    Is it really worth paying full price of admission to see it in the theater, or is this one I should put in my Netflix queue when it comes out?


    1. aw, don't make me decide for you!! not fair My husband and I thought it was worth matinee on a regular screen. If you like blow'em up movies with kick ass music and enjoy poking fun at the hokey stuff AND have someone to go with you then I would say see it at the theater. This type of movie is always better on a big screen with a full theater.

  4. I was won over when shirtless men were mentioned and a rockin sound track! This isn't a movie for those needing some outstanding acting. It looks like a fun popcorn flick that's pure enjoyment. I'm still in to see and LOVE reading this. Nice job ladies. ;)

  5. Now I am on the fence, it sounds like fun, but there are more movies I want to see in a theater. And I still prefer spending my money on books, and watching movies on the tv ;)