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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Review: Scary School: Monsters on the March by Derek the Ghost

As winners of last year's Ghoul Games, the students of Scary School are off to Monster Forest. School may be scary, but the forest has a few frights of its own, including:

Bearodactyls—so terrifying we can't even show you pictures of them
Princess Zogette, the Monster King's toad-faced daughter, who falls for Charles Nukid . . . hard
Captain Pigbeard, fearsome leader of the Monster-Pirates and Princess Zogette's fiancÉ (well, former fiancÉ, thanks to Charles)
And when Zogette follows Charles to Scary School, the Monster King and Captain Pigbeard raise their armies and chase after her. But the monsters have no idea who—or what—they're dealing with.

In this clever, funny sequel to the frighteningly hilarious Scary School, Charles, Penny Possum, Dr. Dragonbreath, and all the students and teachers prove that scary monsters are no match for Scary School!

If you have a kid in middle school, you have to get this series for them! I reviewed Scary School #1 last year along with my daughter who was in the 5th grade and we both loved it. (You can check out the review here.) So I was thrilled when Derek the Ghost sent me the second book Scary School: Monsters on the March. All the kids from the first book are there, at least the ones still alive, and now they are in the 6th grade. This tickled my daughter who is also going into the 6th grade and she also said she wishes these books would be made into a movie.

Here is an snippet which is representative of the whole book:

"Petunia led the way to the school yard. Jacqueline's haunted house stood beside the path that leads through the playground, which some kids like to call the slayground because of the high probability of injury or demise. Take, for instance, the alligators at the bottom of the slide. Brave kids still like to ride it, though. It's a fun slide until that last part with the chomping and dismemberment."Like the first book, this one is narrated by Derek the Ghost. Scary School won the Ghoul Games in book one and their prize is going to visit the King of Monsters. Things go wrong as they always do when dealing with monsters and King Zog declares war on Scary School. The kids and teachers must find a way to defeat 5000 karate monsters and 5000 monster-pirates! There is even a little bit of romance.

This book, like the first one, has wonderful silly illustrations of all the new characters, except an adult Bearodactyl because they are too terrifying. Author Derek Taylor Kent includes a character named Steven Kingsley who is afraid of everything and loves writing and baseball. Steven gets sucked into The Locker of Infinite Oblivion where he runs into a clown in a sewer drain, a giant spider, an ax murderer in a big hotel and then he ends up in a car crash and rescued by a scary lady that makes him do homework. Your kids might not get the references, but I am sure you do <G>.

There is a really cool website that kids can visit to get extra chapters and information about Scary School. If you are looking to donate a book to an Elementary or Middle school this would perfect.

5 “folded cloth–twisted flax–reed–reed-stool”

SharonS (edited by BAK)


  1. This looks like it would be great for kids.

  2. This sure sounds like fun! What age group is middle grade?

    1. 9-12 years old would enjoy this book. Middle Grades are usually the 5th through 8th grades. It is a fun book. This would be fabulous for a teacher to read to her class.

  3. I have book one and it is a hoot! I love finding these fun books and then being able to pass them on to kids I know will enjoy them :) Thanks for sharing today!