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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sheep ARC Review: Betrayed (Cyn and Raphael novella #1) by DB Reynolds

Love, the ache in your heart when you meet the one. It can take you to soaring heights; and it can leave you bleeding in the wreckage. Loyalty, the thing which binds a Vampire Lord to his children for eternity ... unless it rots from within, birthing hatred. Betrayal, it comes in many forms and from many sources ... love ... loyalty ... betrayal. War has come to the North American vampires, and Vampire Lords are reaching across territorial lines to strengthen allies and weaken enemies. The most powerful Lord of them all, Raphael, could change the course of the war and determine who raises the final banner of victory. But at what price? And will his mate, Cyn, be the one to pay it?

Hot, freaking vampire alert! Reynolds writes a smoking series called Vampires in America, and the first book is Raphael. I absolutely loved this character. He's an old school vamp, and by that I mean he is powerful, knows it and makes no excuses for it. Other vamps can physically feel his power when he walks into a room and he can kill you with just a thought. He will hit all your alpha male buttons and leave you saying “Thank you!” His mate, who he meets in his novel, is the human Cyn and I liked her too. She is a private investigator, former cop, and all bad ass which makes her the perfect match for Raphael. I like how Reynolds portrays their intense love and passion for each other and it is their strength as well as their weakness.

Fans have been asking for more Raphael and Cyn and Reynolds delivered with a novella series about the couple. The novella Betrayed serves two purposes: it introduces us to Lucas, the main character of the next Vampires in America novel, coming out Oct. 2012, and helps set the stage for what events will happen in his book. I really like Lucas because he has a sense of humor and seems good natured rather than being the stereotypical brooding vamp. It also lets us visit with Raphael and Cyn again. There are a couple erotic sex scenes between them, because…well that is how they roll, but there is a solid story about what happens when Raphael tries to hide something from Cyn for her own protection.

This is great story for Raphael and Cyn fans and even if you haven’t read the series yet, you will get a taste of these two and want to read more.

4 "snipey" Sheep

SharonS. (edited by BAK)

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  1. Great review, and yes, I still need to start reading this series.