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Monday, August 6, 2012

Kindle Krack Attack is baaaaack!

I have been kindle krack hunting for you! Got some great looking deals. Lots of Highlanders, paranormal mysteries and some Bizzaro!
(remember to check the price before buying. Prices change without notice)






A little Bizzaro for you ;)Free-$4.99


  1. AAAAAAAAAUGH! I swoon before the amazing buffet of tasty books ... but not before grabbing several. My budget thanks you!

  2. I know, right?! so many great deals out there :)

  3. OK 44 is awesome, it is based in Alaska and I did a Sunday Shorts with it. I really liked it. Trouble in Mudbug is also another great one and since they are free.. and btw.. I NEED MORE KRACK? WENCHES not fair I do not need more krack!

  4. Woot, thanks a million~! You rock as always!

  5. A hidden fire by Elizabeth hunter is free on smashmouth this month

  6. I want a blanket made out of all these sexy covers...someday this shall happen. Great finds Sharon!