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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Interview: Katie Reus + Give Away

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doesn't she look like the girl next door?
Today we are torturing talking to Katie Reus. This is a busy lady with something for all tastes. She writes romantic suspense, erotic romantic suspense and one of our favorite genres paranormal romance! She has some single titles, but we are going to talk about her sexy Moon Shifter series because book #2, Primal Possession, comes out Sept. 4th.

Sharon: Welcome to the Flock Katie!

Katie D: Say wha?
Sharon: Not you Katie, the other Katie, confused yet? This is my website partner Katie Dalton... We will try to keep everyone straight!*hands a tray of chocolate moon pies and martinis to KatieR*
K-Reus: Thanks so much for having me here, ladies! You had meat moon pies! But I’ll definitely drink the martinis. The dirtier the better ;)
Sharon: uh oh, she is one of “those” authors; this could get fun<G>

Katie D: Hey! Where's my tray?!
K-Reus: I’ll share mine!
Katie D: The Katie’s Unite!
K-Reus: Always! I stay true to my Katie’s ;)

Sharon: You are a new author to me, but I have heard great things about your novel Alpha Instinct that released this past February. Can you tell us a little about it?
K-Reus: Definitely! Alpha Instinct is the first book in my paranormal Moon Shifter series. In the Moon Shifter world paranormal beings came out to humans twenty years ago so while a lot of things are the same as‘our’ world, there are many differences too. Ana, the heroine, and Connor, the hero, have a complicated past, so when they’re thrown together after fifty years apart, sparks fly between them. This is a shortened, official description:

Ana Cordona has been a strong leader for the few remaining lupine shifters in her pack. But with no pack males, they're vulnerable to the devious shifter Taggart, who wants to claim both their ranch and Ana as his own. When Connor Armstrong comes back into her life, promising protection, it's almost enough to make Ana forget how he walked out on her before.

But Taggart and his rival pack are not their only enemies. A human element in town is targeting shifters. Their plan not only threatens Ana and Connor's future-but the existence of the entire pack.

Sharon: You just released a novella set in your MoonShifter world called Lovers Instinct (Moon Shifter 1.5) and you have book 2 in the series, Primal Possession, coming out Sept. 4, 2012. Why release a novella so close to the next novel?
K-Reus: It was my publisher’s idea. I think they’ve found it’sa good opportunity to introduce a wider range of readers to a series this way.Since I’m a fan of novellas and because there are a wide range of characters who might never get their story told without a novella, I’m really glad they’ve started releasing eSpecials.
Sharon: I am a BIG novella fan, you get a lot of “bang” for your buck *wink, wink*
K-Reus: That’s the way I feel! I like being able to read a novella after a long day and get a quick HEA right before bed (and yes, I know that sounds dirty).

Katie D: Who's been your favorite character to write about thus far or is that one coming up?
K-Reus: This is hard! If I had to choose at this exact moment,I’d go with Erin. She’s introduced in Alpha Instinct and is in the first three books. She’s the heroine in the fourth book of my Moon Shifter series and has gone through a lot of shit, but she’s only come out stronger. Even though she sees herself as effed up, she’s really kick-ass and the hero loves everything about her, including all her faults. She’s also one of the physically strongest heroines I’ve ever written, which has been fun. I’m actually wrapping up the story right now so she’s been on my mind a lot. It’s been a roller coaster of awesome writing her. Honestly though, whoever I had just finished writing about I would consider my ‘favorite’ right now. Like when I finished Primal Possession, December was fave at that moment. When I’m in my characters’ heads,they become my fave of the moment if that makes sense.
Sharon: psst…Katie, can she say the S word? <G>
Katie: Sexy Shifter? Yeah she can say that all day.
K-Reus: Sex, sex, sex…oh, you mean shit? Oops! I do have a bit of a potty mouth sometimes ;)
Sharon: S’okay, we have duct tape if you get out of hand<G>

Sharon: What is it about werewolves that made you want to write a series about them? I am team shifter by the way.
K-Reus: Yay!! Oddly enough, I fell in love with paranormal romance because of vampires (and I still dig them!). I still read a lot more vampire books than anything else in paranormal romance but that’s partially because I don’t want to dilute my world building. As far as why I chose shifters, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for shifters/werewolves. There’s something super sexy about a man in touch with his primal side ;) Seriously,the idea of being able to change into an animal! How cool is that? Even though I like reading about vampires (BDB, yes please!), I’d rather be able to shift forms than have to drink blood, lol.
Sharon: pssst…don’t tell anyone, but I like that they growl when excited <G> you know window shaking type of growling.
K-Reus: Le sigh. Love it!

Sharon: You wouldn’t happen to know any werewolves cause…um…KatieD wants to know! Yeah…she wants phone numbers and addresses…
K-Reus: You and me both!

Sharon: What makes your werewolves different from other series?
Katie: And how many take their shirts off? And other things.
K-Reus: These are the important questions! Well, they’ve got to take off their clothes to shift unless they want them to shred to pieces so…they all get naked at one point or another in my books, lol. And there’s a lot of sexy time between my main characters so…yeah nekkid times aplenty ;) I think what makes my series different is that they’ve come out to the world which has brought forth a whole mess of issues I don’t often read about in other paranormal books where vampires and werewolves are in hiding from humans.
Sharon: O_O
Katie: Oh no, baby don’t hide that body!! Take it off!!!Woohoo!! Sorry, too much Coke today.

Sharon: What are your plans for the series? Will each book be a stand-alone with a different couple or will there be an overall story arc to follow with a final book you already have planned?
March 2013
K-Reus: As of right now I have 5 books and 2 novellas contracted in the series. Each book features a different couple and while Alpha Instinct (#1) and Primal Possession (#2) can be read as a stand-alone, the third book, Mating Instinct, probably shouldn’t be read first. There’s an arc from book 1 to 3 and a lot would be missed without reading at least Primal Possession. Book 4 can be read as a stand-alone though because of the location and the couple (I can’t say more than that). Book 5, however…yeah, you should have probably read the first few books to get the full affect of the hero and some overarching issues. But that one won’t be out for a while (I haven’t even completed it, lol).

Katie D: Ship wrecked on an island, who's the dream boat person you want stuck with you?
K-Reus: Not to be a cheese ball, but my husband. He can make fires, build all sorts of stuff and would know what’s poisonous, etc. Me on the other hand? Not so much. Plus…I love him ;)
Sharon: Aw! (is he looking over your shoulder?)
K-Reus: You’re very perceptive! ;)

Sharon: During the zombie apocalypse which fictionalcharacter would you like at your back?
K-Reus: I hope it’s okay if I choose a movie because I’mdefinitely going with Alice from the Resident Evil movies (which rock). I havea massive girl-crush on her.
Sharon: OMG! She is my favorite female kick-ass character. I wantto get the red dress made one year for Halloween.
K-Reus: Yay!! Another fan! I’m obsessed with thosemovies. I love her character for so many reasons. She’s bad-ass but she’s alsoreally sweet and caring. She’s the kind of woman you want to be friends with.You should totally go as her!

Sharon: Are you a chocolate snob? (I am)
K-Reus: You know it!
Sharon: favorite brand?
K-Reus: Godiva

Time for a little Rapid Fire grab onto the nearest Shifter and get ready to...well, I guess that depends on where you grabbed him doesn't it ;)

Sharon: Wrath or Barrons?
K-Reus: Snort. Puh-lease. Barrons. There is no other choice.
Sharon: *high fives* now there is a shifter I would like to get toknow!
Katie D: I just want to hear him call me “Ms. Lane”. Le sigh
Sharon: I just want to say his name!
K-Reus: I just want him to say MY name!

We interrupt this interview…for obvious reasons….
We now return to the interview, thank you for your patience…

Katie D: Chaps or Kilts?
K-Reus Kilts!
Katie D: Katie’s think alike.
K-Reus: Solidarity baby!

Sharon: Peanut or plain?
K-Reus Peanut.

Katie D: Coke or Pepsi?
K-Reus Neither.
Katie D: But if you HAD to pick which one would you go with?We’re having a Coke vs. Pepsi war so we gotta know!
K-Reus: Ack! I don’t actually drink soda but I’ll gowith Pepsi because one of the first jobs I had right out of college was building a big Pepsi plant and the peeps were super nice. (Btw, I wasn’t actually doing the building, but that would have been super cool)
Sharon: FINALLY!! *slips a Godiva truffle to K-Reus*

Sharon: action movie or romantic comedy?
K-Reus: Action.
Sharon: got a favorite?
K-Reus: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans…though I thinkthat’s categorized as horror so… any Bourne movie!
Sharon: OMG! We so think alike with movies! I LOVED Rise of the Lycans…Lucian….lesigh..

Katie D: Fries or Onion rings?
K-Reus: Onion rings.

Sharon: pick your nose or pick your toes?
K-Reus: Lol…uh, toes I guess :)

Katie D: Dirt roads or City streets?
K-Reus Dirt roads.

Sharon: skipping stones or flying a kite?
K-Reus: Fly a kite.

Katie D: Stripper Police or Stripper Firefighters?
K-Reus: Police.
Sharon: so more of a handcuff type of women? How 50 shade of you<G>
Katie D: Don’t you judge us!
K-Reus: Exactly, no judging! And yes, more of a handcuffwoman…or you know, silk ties ;)

Sharon: The evilyou know or The evil you don’t?
K-Reus: You know.

Many thanks to Katie Reus for playing with us!

About the author:
Katie fell in love with romance at a young age thanks to books she pilfered from her mom’s stash. Years later she loves reading romance almost as much as she loves writing it. However, she didn’t always know she wanted to be a writer. After graduating summa cum laude with a degree in psychology and working too many jobs she hated, she finally figured things out.

She now spends her days writing dark paranormal romance and sexy romantic suspense. Her publishers include Carina Press, Harlequin Nocturne, Ellora’s Cave and NAL/Signet Eclipse (Penguin). Regardless of genre, she always includes a happy ending. When she’s not creating stories she loves spending time with her husband and family.

Katie Reus's publisher is offering a print copy of Primal Possession (US ONLY)
Primal Possession
Book 2: Moon Shifter Series
Release Date: September 4, 2012

To protect her, he will unleash the beast within…

As his pack’s second-in-command, lupine shifter Liam Armstrong gives orders and takes what he wants—until he meets red-headed, blue-eyed December McIntyre. Liam knows the human beauty is his intended mate the moment he sees her, but December is far too strong-willed to accept his protection.

December, whose brother is the town sheriff, has every reason to mistrust shifters after one killed her youngest sibling. But the forceful and handsome Liam has gotten under her skin in a way she hadn’t thought possible, and the desire she feels for him is almost too much to bear.

When a radical hate group targets all humans known to sympathize with paranormal beings, December is attacked in her bookstore. Reluctantly, she turns to the only one who can help her: Liam. And he is going to take her to places within herself she never knew existed.

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    And if you don't get to comment Katie, at least you got to read comments. My daughter shared her cold with me so her and I are struggling through the night too.

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