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Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Review: This Book is Full of Spiders

This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It
By: David Wong

Book Description:
As the sequel opens, we find our heroes, David and John, again embroiled in a series of horrifying yet mind-bogglingly ridiculous events caused primarily by their own gross incompetence. The guys find that books and movies about zombies may have triggered a zombie apocalypse, despite a complete lack of zombies in the world. As they race against the clock to protect humanity from its own paranoia, they must ask themselves, who are the real monsters? Actually, that would be the shape-shifting horrors secretly taking over the world behind the scenes that, in the end, make John and Dave kind of wish it had been zombies after all.

Sequels are always tricky. You can invite criticism if it’s too much of the same, or if it’s entirely different.

Thankfully David Wong has managed to run along that razor edge quite nicely, adding just enough new elements to make it seem fresh, but keeping the same overall feel as John Dies at the End.

Anyone who has read the first book will recognise that as being the creepiest comedy horror ever. His talent for awesome titles doesn’t seem to have faded either. His latest book picks up pretty much where the last one left off, with David and John in [Undisclosed], the town that seems to be a magnet for all kinds of supernatural goings on.

In this one it’s a variation on the zombie myth, but with an incredibly creepy twist. God is it creepy. The feeling of dread this book creates is ridiculous.

In fact, I’d recommend not reading it in bed, but instead in a nice brightly lit room, possibly with a friend close by.

The natural progression of sequels leads to this one being on a much greater scale, with the National Guard, a shadowy government organisation, and the overall evil of the previous book, the shadow men. They’re a damn good bad guy, because I know nothing at all about them. They’re just constantly evil in that pervasive way you want all your bad guys to be.

It’s tricky this one. I want to tell you more about it, but it being a sequel I feel like I might be giving too much away already. Just read them both, that’ll fix it.

Review By: Michael McCaffrey from Following the Nerd


  1. That title is enough to make me never pick it up...

  2. Can. Not. WAIT. To read this.



  3. I loved your review, you gave me just enough of a tease to make me want to read this even if I am a bit afraid spideys will come crawling out of the Kindle ;=D