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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sheep Interview: Cover Model James Dinonno +giveaway

Today the ladies of Sheep bring you an interview with the gorgeous man who's graced the covers of the Deacon Chalk series James Dinonno! Stick around until the very end for your chance to win a signed photograph and book! We hope you enjoy. 

Katie: Hello James and welcome to the flock! Grab some freshly mixed kool-aid and get ready for the crazy! I mean party, yeah party. 
*Sharon hands James her Thor hammer, just in case*
James: Hi Katie and Sharon. Ok I'm ready, lay it on me.
Sharon: *grabs Katie before she lays over James*

Katie: You're the hunky man candy that's plastered on the front of James Tuck's UF series, how did this come about? 
James: Well thank you :) And it's pretty simple, my fitness modeling agent called me one day and said he wanted to book me for a book cover photo shoot, and if I was interested. I said "Heck yea!"

Sharon: Which of the seven deadly sins have you committed most recently?
James: Hmm uh, well, er...lust...but no details lol. And I already repented ha.

Katie: You're pretty badass looking on the covers, would you say you could handle your own should the zombie apocalypse happen tomorrow? 
Sharon: And what would your weapon of choice be?
James: That's funny you ask that. I don't know what I would do in real life, perhaps get my hands on a shotgun, say a prayer then start blowing heads off. But I'm actually part of a project that's in the works where I do in fact take on the zombie apocalypse, so stay tuned :)
Katie: When will we get more details on this? 
James: It should be revealed by the end of the year. I'll keep ya posted.

Katie: Being a fitness trainer, what’s the simplest thing someone can do in their diet that would make a big difference? 
*Sharon - please be eat chocolate, please be eat chocolate*
James: Always looking for the easy way lol. And dark chocolate in small portions can actually be good for you. But to answer your question...hmm it's hard to give one, easy answer. Ok I'll go with, bottom line is you have to reduce calories, and most people eat way to many carbs, especially bad carbs, so if you reduce carbs such as breads, pastas and junk food you will lose weight.
Katie: *kicks basket of bread under Sharon's chair* Bad, bad carbs! 
Sharon: *kicks basket of bread into the dungeon* totally bad...but moonpies don't count...just saying.

Katie: Can you take your shirt off and let us inspect your body? In the name of science, of course. *winks* 
Sharon: *hands Katie a camera* You know, to record the science…
James: Well if it's for science, how can I say no ;)

Katie: What's been the funnest part of being a cover model? 
James: I'd say walking into Barnes and Noble, bringing the book to the cashier and asking them if I can get the book for free. When they ask why I show them I'm on the cover and watch their reaction. I actually did that for this last book, recorded and posted it on my facebook fan page, you can search me James DiNonno, like my page and watch it for yourself :)

[Katie's could happen]
Sharon: *pokes Katie* Hey! snap out of it!
Katie: I'm sorry what, had a daydream moment. 

Sharon: Got any dirt on Tuck? You know something we can use to blackmail convince him to put a Sheep in his next book?
James: Unfortunately I don't, plus I wouldn't want to jeopardize being considered if they turn it into a movie lol 

Katie: It's time for some rapid fire questions! Answer with the first thing that pops into your brain. Ready? Go! 

Katie: Blonde or Brunette? 
James: Brunette
Katie: Loosing points already James! 
Sharon: *gives James back some points, plus extra*

Sharon: Popcorn or cotton candy? 
James: popcorn

Katie: Short or Tall?
James: Tall(but not too tall)
Sharon: *a 5'9" Sharon stands up to give James more points*
Katie: Loosing more Katie points, James! 

Sharon: Apple pie or pecan pie? 
James: Apple

Katie: Nerdy girl or Glam girl? 
James: Glam

Sharon: wait or pee behind the tree? 
James: The tree is getting watered. Actually I just did that 2 days ago lol
Sharon: O_o you know what TMI means James?

Katie: Marvel or DC? 
James: Marvel
Katie: Ok, now we're getting back on track! 
Sharon: got a favorite?
James: Wolverine is probably my favorite Marvel. But growing up DC's Superman got me the most pumped. No one beats Superman!

Sharon: free weights or machines? 
James: Free weights

Katie: Coke or Pepsi? 
James: Neither but if I had to choose, Coke
Katie: I love you again, all is forgiven! 
Sharon: *takes back some points* Sorry, but that is a deal breaker for me

Sharon: moo or quack? 
James: moo

Katie: Dark Choc or Milk? 
James: Dark Choc

Sharon: Deck shoes or flip-flops?
James: Can you really picture me in deck shoes? lol Flip flops
Sharon: just deck shoes? um...not going there

Katie: The Notebook or Pride and Prejudice? 
James: Actually I am a romantic so The Notebook, although when I saw it, which my best female friend made me see, I wasn't in a good state of mind so it got me depressed lol
Katie: *opens arms* Come to mama, I'll make it all better. 
Sharon: psst...James...hammer...

Katie: Anything you'd like to add before we wrap? 
James: Thanks so much Katie and Sharon, it's been fun. Wait till you see the next book, even more bada$$! 
[Cover shown in daydream moment. Minus Katie.]

Make sure to check James out at his website:

One lucky winner will receive a signed picture from James AND a paperback copy of Blood and Silver. This is a US Contest Only. 

To Enter:
1. Your Email Address 
2. If you had the opportunity to grace any book cover, what would your character look like? (Be as creative as you like!)
*Contest ends October 6th at midnight. Good luck! 

A BIG thanks to Jeni Darling for making the fantastic daydream cover! To check out Jeni's website click HERE.


  1. A big thanks to James for coming to play with us! baaaaaa :)

    Good luck everyone!

  2. look so bad ass Katie!

  3. I would want to be in an historical cover with the dress half on and a sexy man with me. This one would be prefect
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. What a fun interview! That made my day.

    I would to be surrounded by dragons. Maybe have one perched on my arm. Looking out over a land in battle. Just hanging back and waiting for the right moment to pounce!

    International follower but want to leave a comment.

  5. Not entering the giveaway, but that was a very entertaining interview!

  6. That was awesome! I can't imagine going to the cashier of a book store and them finding out you are the cover model after asking if you can have the book for free. LOL I love that.

    I would be evil scary sexy. I don't know if you all ever watched Charmed but there was an episode where an evil spider lady kidnapped Chris. That spider woman was beautiful and scary at the same time, I would love to do something like that. Long black hair (got that) long black dress (got that) solid black eyes (would love that) pale complexion (yeah got that too) but her make up was

  7. My character would be drawn facing away from the front to show off my back tattoo (no, it's not a tramp stamp.) And my hair would look awesome. I'd be really picky about my hair because it's been looking really crappy lately and it would make me feel better.


  8. True story, they sent me pics of three models to choose from for the covers.

    James was the only one who looked tough enough to be Deacon Chalk. He was hands down the winner, no one else had a chance.

  9. If I were to be on a book cover, I'd like to be on a great urban fantasy as an ass kicking black leather wearing hottie, with long dark hair and a nice big gun. Hey, artistic license and all that, it doesn't have to totally be me, right?

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  10. Lol, not entering as I live in Europe, but thanks for the fun interview!

  11. Great interview. I really couldn't say. I love so many different covers, that I would be hard put to choose something. I guess it would depend on what the book was about.


  12. thanks for a fun interview! Those covers are sooo cool! And I've had major book lust for this series!

    Ummm... I'd want to be one of the PNF/UF heroines in the black leather bustier with lots of tats in a ninja pose holding a cool flaming sword. With a hot guy who may or may not be an angel/vampire/shifter standing beside me looking either faintly amused or scowling :)


  13. Very Nice.. Thank-you for coming

  14. Thanks for coming out to play with us crazy sheep James!! If I could be on a book cover I would want to be a sexy/lethal/kick ass vampire heroine or possibly shifter in leather who wins the Alpha Male!!
    Ashley A

  15. This contest is now closed.

    The winner is: Erin

    I've sent you an email so please respond within 5 days. Thanks to everyone who entered and a big thanks to James for being such a good sport. :)