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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dragon*Con interview: Linda Robertson + give away

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Check out Linda's theme song

Katie and I got to talk with urban fantasy author Linda Robertson while at Dragon*Con 2012. Shattered Circle, the sixth book in her Persephone Alcmedi series is set to come out January 29, 2013. Linda was a lot of fun. She talks about Star Trek, stinky feet and...oh yeah...her series!

Sharon: Vampires and werewolves oh my! With Shattered Circle hitting the shelves next year what can readers look forward to in your ongoing saga?
Linda: Wow, it’s a lot about Johnny and Menessos, she’s [Seph] been a little betrayed by Johnny, she’s a little leery of Menessos. Everybody’s giving up something for this union the three of them have so she’s dealing with that and ends up sucked up into something she didn’t see coming at all.

Sharon: Your series is now 6 books, did you have the story completely plotted out since the beginning or has it changed directions as you wrote?
Linda: The second one Hallowed, I don’t know where that came from, but I wanted to do 8 so now it will be a total of 9 to get where I want to go.

Sharon: So you have an ending? You know the character will go through certain conflicts?
Linda: Yeah, in the first book she has a test of fire, third book is the test of water, test of air in the fifth, seventh is supposed to be the test of Earth, and 9 is the test of spirit. It is about her becoming the Lustrata, it is a prophesized witch messiah type character and that is the whole story arc…her getting there and all the bumps along the way.

Sharon: Is there going to be a HEA ending?
Linda: that depends, cause a lot of people tend to choose teams because of Twilight, I get people who say to me “I’m a Johnny girl” or “I’m a Menessos girl” so the ending will depend on whose team you’re on, which I’m not telling.

Sharon: How are your characters different from the ones out there now?
Linda: Most of the UF books out there are a closed world where only a select few people know about the wildness going on or an open world where everyone knows about it and I kind of split the difference. The wildness came out in the storyline 20 years ago so everyone is still dealing with those things; there is a lot of subplot stuff that threads through pertaining to that.

All the books in order

Sharon: You mention being a buff on all things Star Trek, see if you can finish this line from a Next Gen episode:
Linda: Oh, don’t do that to me!
Sharon: Q says “oh, brilliant Worf, eat any good ____ lately?

*Linda is concentrating very hard and Katie offers to set up the episode scene. We give lots of hints trying to lead her to the answer*
Linda: Blood pudding?
*Linda is lost I don’t think she is a big Next Gen fan so I give even bigger hints, much to Katie’s dissatisfaction*
Linda: Books?

*Sharon and Katie congratulate Linda on her correct guess*

Sharon: If every time you walk into a room a theme song played, what would yours be?
Linda: My favorite favorite song is Injection by Hans Zimmer. It’s very mellow.

*Sharon doesn’t know who this is*
Katie: He does movie scores.
Linda: It’s from MI2

Sharon: Got any tattoos?
Linda: Oh yeah…

Sharon: How many and where?
Linda: Across my back

*Linda takes off coat to show a most awesome tattoo!*

Sharon: Why the Griffon?
Linda: Read the books *evil smile* Thunderbird is in book 4

Sharon: Draw a sheep for us! *hands a post card to Linda* and while you do that I will ask the Rapid Fire questions.

Sharon: Stinky armpits or stinky feet?
Linda: *gives look of disgust* Preference?
Sharon: One or the other
Linda: Feet, cause they are further from your nose.

Sharon: Vampire Strength or Vampire speed?
Linda: Strength

Sharon: Coke or Pepsi?
Linda: Pepsi (with no hesitation I might add <G>)

*Sharon celebrates and Katie grumbles*

Sharon: Journey or Boston?
Linda: Journey! Steve Perry

*maybe, a little chorus of Don’t Stop Believing is sung…maybe*

Sharon: Enterprise of Millineum Falcon?
Linda: Ohhh, you’re sticking a knife in my heart!
Sharon: Which would you rather drive?
Linda: The NCC 1701D
Sharon: Sexy chest or sexy back?
Linda: *long hesitation with much thought* Can’t you have both?
Sharon: Yes, you can.

Sharon: The Romulan Nero or Darth Vader?
Linda: *more long thoughtful silence*
Sharon: These are stumpers; usually we do them by email so the author has time to think
Linda: So favorite bad guy or most feared? I would say Darth Vader because he has the force.
*Linda shows her sheep drawing and Katie and I are amazed, but even better, Linda wants to draw a dragon for us and it is awesome!*

these are signed one of a kind!

Linda: I love to doodle.

*we close out the interview with some pictures*

Katie: Unfortunately, Sharon asked Linda what happens in Shattered Circle. Linda said she could tell her, but then she would have to kill her….Sharon didn’t believe her…
[No reviewer was hurt in this interview]

About the author:
Linda not only writes, she also plays the piano and the electric guitar --both six- and seven-string axes.
Back in her high school days, she was the lead guitarist for a cover band that played everything from AC/DC to Metallica, with some Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, and Whitesnake thrown in for good measure. She's still a fan of all those 80's hair metal rockers.

She’s also the mother of four wild boys,and they have one big dog, a rottie mix named Bela.

She knows more about Star Trek and Star Wars than is socially acceptable, she makes awesome soups and chili, and she thinks the best things in life are: stand-up comedy,
really good margaritas, an old pick up truck that will do doughnuts and movie heroes
who make loincloths look hot

One commenter will get a signed bookmark, the signed original Sheep art and swag!
To enter:
1. Leave contact info
2. Tell us which magic you would like to have: earth, fire, air, water or spirit?
*double entry for followers
Contest ends: September 15th at midnight


  1. Great interview. I have to explore Dragon con. Wish I could doodle like that. For magic I would like earth magic.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. it is something everyone should experience, but it is a lot of work trying to get to all the panels you want to see. It is fun to just sit back and watch...crazy town!

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  3. Wish I could go to Dragon con. :(

    In answer to the question my choice would be fire magic, just because I love dragons and they breath the stuff :D

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  4. Wow, Linda, likes Hans Zimmer. He made great musical scores for Blood + the anime series.

    These books are great and glad to have discovered them.
    And would love to have Earth magic.

    1. they are on my list now. I've got the first one :) thanks for stopping by.

  5. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
    I think I would like Earth Magic, just think of the possibilities.

    1. we did have fun! but you are exhausted by the end of it and the heat sucks! Earth magic would be cool...I would have a magnificent garden.

    2. I wish we had some frost power on that weekend. Personal AC blasts! It was hot!

  6. I think i would choose water magic

    i've got the first two book to read in october as it was recommended to me and i would love to win another one^^

    thank you a lot

    gfc follower miki


  7. Fire- definitely fire :) LOL

  8. Dragon.con sounds great. Looks like all kinds of fun stuff going on in these pics! Thanks for the grins:)
    I would like Fire! It is essential to life!


    Already a follower!

  9. Had a great time at Dragon Con....still can't believe you were there and I didn't see you! I pick Spirit

    Follow like crazy ;) FB-Debi Anne

    1. I know! It would have been cool to run into you :) glad you follow like crazy....we like crazy...a lot .

  10. Great Interview. I would love Earth. The books sound great added them to my TBR list.
    FB Crystal Young
    GFC crystaley73

  11. Awesome interview + pictures with Linda Robertson! And wow, she sure knows how to draw a sheep and a dragon!

    Based on the elemental powers of the Planeteers from Captain Planet, I'd go with Earth (if Heart was an option, I'd go with that). ^_^

    Thank you for the kickass giveaway!

  12. Thanks! She was a really cool lady. I love that dragon one too!

  13. Thanks to Sharon and Katie! I had a blast (pun intended) talkin to you ladies. :) thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, and good luck!

  14. I have an affinity for Earth so that is what I would go with for myself ;)
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  15. I think it would be earth IF this meant I could use it to increase my green thumb to epic proportions!!! LOVE the pics, by the way:) Very cool!
    Follower all the ways possible:)

  16. Good interview. I really enjoy the fact that she intends to use the five elements as tes'ts in making Persephone the Lustrata in full. After all, it shouldn't be something that you just get and bam it's yours like a car. You should have to work for it, like life. A doctor doesn't become one because someone places the mantle on him. He goes to college, he takes tests, he interns. All to prove he is worthy. I love it. Keep up the good work Linda!

    1. ugh I didn't know how to do this properly... name Jody Ritchie.. not Anonymous... wish I could have used facebook id or something.
      Still haven't figured it out so this will say anonymous too.

  17. Great interview, thank you! I have no idea why those books are not on my shelves yet, will remedy that soon. My power would be Earth, ancient and steady and strong. I love all plants and flowers and animals. well, except those that bite me.

    Follower of the flock of course.
    auriansbooks at gmail dot com

  18. Great interview! My magic choice would be spirit. Thanks for the chance to win!
    I follow by email.
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    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  20. I think i would want water. Im terrified of it and it would definitely help my fear. :D This sounds great!! Id love to read it! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!
    Old GFC: shadow_kohler

  21. I think fire.

    I follow via email.


  22. I think I'd like to have fire.

    GFC: Molly Frenzel
    molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

  23. the books and the swag are awesome..:)
    I'd love to have fire..:)
    darkworld_cutie at yahoo dot com
    GFC follower and email subscriber

  24. Thanks for the Post and the giveaway! I think I would love spirit, it's so interesting, and so different. I'm sure I would love it.

    I'm a gfc follower: Melliane


  25. Water/Ice

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  28. The Winner is Molly Frenzel! I will be sending you an email today. Thanks to everyone who commented :)