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Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Review: Deliver Me From Temptation by Tes Hilaire

Deliver Me from Temptation by Tes Hilaire

Logan Calhoun is the last full-blooded Paladin, the future leader of a race of immortal warrior angels. The heavy responsibility of continuing the Paladin line falls to him, and the last thing he should do is get involved with a human. Then fate throws Jessica Waters, a homicide detective who doesn't believe in fate or divine intervention, into his path. Her devotion lies in her Glock and a good set of handcuffs. Like Logan, she's a warrior for her people, and she awakens within him something he'd never thought he'd feel. But she's also as human as they come

I read the first book of this series, Deliver Me from Darkness, and immediately knew I would be following this series to its conclusion. I loved the Paladin mythos created and the author’s writing style. It is classified as a PNR, but there are enough urban fantasy elements to grab my attention. I was pleasantly surprised to find Deliver Me from Temptation had a much stronger urban fantasy element than the first book. The book is still a PNR with a forbidden love theme (hubba, hubba), but there was much more substance to the story and overall series arc. To top it all off there is a good murder mystery that isn't eclipsed by the romance.

I was desperately hoping book two would be Valin’s story; he pushes all my dark, mysterious outcast buttons. But Deliver Me from Temptation is Logan’s story. He wasn't my favorite of the Paladin warriors we meet in the first book. There is nothing wrong with him, he just didn't push those buttons I was talking about. I still enjoyed his story because Detective Jessica Waters is a smart, rock solid heroine with her own personal demons (heehee, pun intended) she must defeat in order to fulfill a surprising destiny.

There is also an anti-hero introduced and I can’t wait to see where his story is going. Valin is up to his usual mischievous self, but we still don’t know anything about the darkness that keeps him from feeling like he belongs to the Paladin Brotherhood. He knows who his mate is, but she disappeared at the end of book one. The next book will be his story, squeee!

The Paladin series is a great combination of PNR and urban fantasy and will appeal to both readers. 

4 “freaky angel spawn” sheep

Sharon Stogner (edit Kalpar)

About the Author:
While growing up Tes Hilaire always wanted to see a ghost. Or meet an angel. Or dine with a vampire. Despite her vivid imagination, none of these things ever happened… yet. In the meantime, she writes about them from her home in North Carolina where she lives with her hero, her cats, a son and two daughters–one of whom claims to actually have seen a ghost (Tes is very jealous). She hates lima beans, loves spaghetti, and still believes in the impossible.


  1. Aw I loved this one. So funny how we each have a warrior that does it for us. Logan and Alexander were so it for me after reading book 1.

    Jessica was pretty fantastic. Love a strong heroine and she definitely qualified :)

    1. I really liked her. I can't wait for Valin!!! He has that tortured bad boy thing going and I am really going to love Damon!

  2. You always find fun series. Thank you for sharing about this one. I am definitely hopping over to check out more, just as soon as I check the bottom drawer to make sure the Glock and handcuffs are still there ;=D

    1. I reviewed the fist book when it came out, but it was for the Love Passion Romance site I guest review at occasionally. I liked the hero in the first book (Roland) best, but I think book 3 is going to be my favorite because of Valin :)

  3. Love this over! And like that both PNR and UF readers can get into this one. :) Nice review Sharon!

  4. Wow, I would buy those books for the cover alone! Great review, I've put this on my wishlist.