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Friday, November 30, 2012

Movie Review: President Wolfman (Another Hole in the Head)

PRESIDENT WOLFMAN Director: Mike Davis 
Writer: Mike Davis 
Stars: Marc Evan Jackson, Matt Piedmont and Jonathan Yudis 
Stag Films
Genre: Comedy, horror 
80 minutes. Unrated. 

The President of the United States has been bitten by a werewolf and is loose on the streets of Washington on a killing rampage! This

comedy/horror/political satire is also a 'green movie,' made entirely out of recycled stock and public domain film footage culled from over one hundred grainy government instructional shorts, classroom education movies, vintage stag reels and long lost b-movie features. Director Mike Davis re-dubs and reassembles the old footage with new dialogue supplied by a talented cast of voice actors led by Marc Evan Jackson (as John Wolfman) and a wild new storyline to create the ultimate midnight movie mash-up! 

President Wolfman is a “green” (uses recycled materials) movie made by Stag Film. They combined the 1970 schlock film Werewolf of Washington starring Dean Stockwell with dozens of clips from public domain film.

The idea behind this movie is clever and fun: Take old public domain film footage, like those 1970 educational movies you watched in school or old B-movies, and then edit it together so it tells a story and then add some music and dialogue. Bam! You got a cool movie… in theory.

At first I laughed at the hair styles and clothes and smiled at the cheesy dialogue and the job they did syncing up the footage to the voice overs. About 15 minutes later I was rolling my eyes at dialogue that seemed to be added because they thought it would be funny with the footage, but had nothing to do with the plot of the story. 15 minutes later I turned it off. There was no way I could sit through 80 minutes of this. If they had made a short film instead, I would probably be singing its praises because it would have had more focus and the sophomoric humor wouldn't have gotten old.

wouldn't be a B-movie without boobs!
The creators have the right idea, but they beat the dead horse a little too long. I am giving it two sheep because it really is a great idea.

2 Sheep

Sharon Stogner (edit Kalpar)

Stag Films is a full service production company based in Hollywood, USA. Internationally recognized pioneers of the ‘green movie,’ Stag creates films and videos out of 100% recycled materials. We specialize in the following:


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