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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Comic Review: Debris #3

Story by:Kurtis J Wiebe
Art By:Riley Rossmo
Diamond ID:JUL120496
On Sale:September 26, 2012
Series: Debris

Maya and Kessel leave the world of ruin behind to discover a whole landscape of pure nature. The legend of Athabasca is true, but there is formidable opposition blocking their way and it becomes very clear: they are not alone.

Passing the halfway mark of this mini-series, I am left wondering just how many questions are going to be answered by the time I read the fourth and final episode. Because at this point, issue #3 offers more questions than answers. In that regard, this is feeling a bit like the other four-part series I read from Image called Grim Leaper, an entertaining series, but frustrating in its delivery. 

Picking up where the second issue left off, Maya and her cagey new companion, Kessel, head into the hills in search of Athabasca, a fabled land that is the last bastion for humanity. The story flashes back to Maya's childhood, as she is mentored by a protector of their home town of Maiden. The action scenes really are the best part of this series with electricity crackling in each battle, and Maya continues to be the shining star of the entire story. 

But where the flashback ends and is followed by another quick and exciting battle scene with one of the mechanical monstrosities, the rest of this issue amounts to a lot of walking and talking. Maya and Kessel climb the mountains and find signs of life inside a cave, but the revelation in the last panel is more aggravating than anything else, because it feels like the plot is being thrown off on a wild tangent.
There is only one issue left now, and the story is nowhere near where I thought it would be after reading the first issue. Maybe there are more issues in the works, or maybe the fourth issue will miraculously wrap this series up in epic fashion. Personally, I'm guessing it'll be the former. 

For a series with such a strong premise and fantastic artwork, the story has been fading with me. Still, one more to go and my doubts could be dashed. I've got my fingers crossed.

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