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Friday, November 2, 2012

Comic Review (ARC): The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy (One-Shot)

The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy (One-Shot)
Writer: Filipe Melo
Artist: Juan Cavia
Colorist: Santiago Villa
Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor
Publication Date: October 24, 2012
Format: FC, 40 pages
Price: $2.99
UPC: 7 61568 21704 9 00111 

Flanked by his demonic assistant Pazuul and the “unpaid intern” known as PizzaBoy, overweight Portuguese werewolf “Dog” Mendonça narrates his own bizarre origin story, taking us from a traveling circus to a Nazi laboratory to the depths of Loch Ness! And when we catch up with the present-day Mendonça, can his team adjust to the new fame and outrageous fortune that come from being published by Dark Horse Comics? Bite into the raucous adventure that was first serialized in Dark Horse Presents—now in one comic!
* Find out how Dog Mendonça got his powers!
* Author Filipe Melo deliberately breaks the fourth wall for an ironic commentary on the comics industry itself.
* From the pages of Dark Horse Presents!

Back in May 2012, I reviewed a fabulous trade paperback from Dark Horse Comics called The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy, and I ended up giving it five Sheep. I didn't realize it, but in 2011 there was a four-part series of Dog Mendonca and Pizza Boy in Dark Horse Presents #4-7. For those who don’t know, Dark Horse Presents is an 80 page-ish anthology of well-known and new writers/artists where you get a chapter of many different comics. Kind of like a sampler of what Dark Horse has to offer. Anyway…  Dark Horse has taken all four of the Dog Mendonca chapters and put them together in a one-shot comic called The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca & Pizza Boy.

Because this is a collection of four separate small chapters from DH Presents, they don’t fit together like one cohesive story, but you end up getting the story of who Dog is and how he became a detective.
You also get a sense of the character personalities like Dog, the overweight werewolf, Pazuul, a 6000 year old demon in a six year old girl’s body, and Pizza Boy, who is a dorky and lovable guy. What is so delightful about the one shot is how the characters talk to the reader throughout the action and poke fun at Dark Horse and advertisers with things like product placement and showing the check they got from Dark Horse.

The art work for this series is fantastic using shading, facial expressions, and backgrounds to their fullest potential to set the mood and tell the story. I highly recommend anything Dog Mendonca for those who like humor, detectives, and quality artwork. It kind of reminds me of Criminal Macabre, only with a fat werewolf and a little sillier.

5 “Pocket knife carrying” Sheep

Sharon Stogner (edit by Kalpar)

There is even a movie. The trailer is in Portuguese, but still pretty funny


  1. Holy cow! Sounds like you REALLY dug this one. :)

    1. yeah, makes me lol when I read it :) I hope there are more to come