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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Character's Court: Zombiepunk case + giveaway

We have a new feature at I Smell Sheep! 
The Character's Court is a chance for characters to take their complaints before the Flock Jury (that would be you!) 
The Honorable-ish Judge Dr. Baron Bixter von Baaathalmew III Jr. (Baaart) 
will preside over the court.

Author Esther Wheelmaker's heroine Miss Lucille Knight is being perused by two suitors. Should Lucy pick Aeron (the masked hero whose face she has never seen) or Lord Garrett Ashdown (the man with a secret more deadly than a zombie bite)?

Judge Baaart: Let the bickering commence!

Lucille Knight: The issue is both men are intriguing and both make me ache for that one hot kiss. However, both are not as forth coming with information as I would like. I have more questions than answers at the end of the day and I just can’t decide who would make a better match.

Aeron: I believe –

Lord Garrett: Ahem. I believe it’s title before mask.

Aeron:face growing warm and red boiling to his cheeks: And that is exactly why she should pick me! I am not the typical Lord with a title. I make my own rules and will treat her like a princess.

Lord Garrett:chuckles: I am suave, gentle and kind. You would put her on the back burner for the next zombie that will lead you closer to the Voodoo Queen so you can kill her.

Aeron: And you would leave her for the first chance to figure out a way to cure your “disease”!
:Lord Garrett’s mouth’s drops:

Lucy: Well, that’s some new information…

Lord Garrett:nonchalance fills his aura: Why don’t you drop the mask and show her who you really are with those red zombie like eyes of yours. 

Aeron: Why don’t you take that stick out of your…
Lucy: Aeron!

Aeron:mouth becoming tight: Why don’t you stop pretending and admit who you really are?

Lord Garrett: I am a good man for Lucy; brave, faithful and true.

Aeron: Which is the way I describe an old dog.
Lord Garrett:with a noise of frustration: You little…

Lucy: :shakes her head: Aeron, Garrett! Stop this! I don’t know what to do. Won’t you help me decide?

Judge Baaart: Sheep of the Flock, you must help decide who Lucy should give her heart too... Lord Garrett or Aeron. Retire to the pasture where there will be moonpies and Kool-Aid and make your decision.

here is some thinking music
Powered by
Gravely Inanimated
1st Book in the Zombiepunk Series
by Esther Wheelmaker
Releases March 29, 2013

Extra, extra, read all about it: Zombies Invade London!

It has been thirty years since the Voodoo Queen plagued England with the zombie disease that has since swept the world. Humans have had to learn to function around them while the dead kill innocent people. The government continues its efforts to try to contain and find a cure for the problem.

However, by the cover of night, a man who hunts zombie, known only as Aeron, roams the streets in search of protecting the upright citizens from the flesh eating creatures. One foggy evening Lucille Knight becomes one of these people and Aeron’s interest is instantly peeked. A stubborn, feisty “lady” in this day in age? How challenging.

But Aeron will have a little competition when Miss. Knight meets Lord Garrett Ashdown, the son of Earl Thomas or a man better known as: The Inventor. A man who builds automatons for the direct purpose of killing zombies; mysteriously understanding their blood and the way they sense humans.

Lucy is taken by the masked man known as Aeron and the equally mysterious Lord Garrett. With one concealing his true identity and the other hiding a ghastly secret, she doesn’t know which one is less dangerous. What secrets do Aeron and Garrett keep from Lucy? Will Miss. Knight be able to be with the man she chooses when she learns the awful truth?

It is still unclear. And the current edition isn’t spilling the beans just yet…

About the Author:
Zombie Punk Series
Her name is Esther Wheelmaker and she is the author of the new, Zombiepunk Series.

With Gravely Inanimated (book one) coming to life, she is pounding away on her typewriter to try and get book two out. However, she is easily distracted by sparkly things.

Her background is a mystery and all anyone knows is she loves hugs, corsets, steampunk, books and Mozart….

…Let's face it…Everyone likes a girl with a little mystery.


Esther is giving away and ecopy of Gravely Inanimated and  some cool swag

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  1. Underdog... Lord Aeron.. equal rights to zombies.. errrrrrrrrrr ummm glowy eyed lords

  2. I say Aeron!
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. Not entering the contest but I have to vote! I ALWAYS go for the bad boy so Aeron all the way :) Love this book by the way. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think she should go for Aeron, every relationship needs a little mystery. I think this book sounds amazing.

  5. I'm with the majority...Baaaaaah! *nods her sheepy little head* Aeron all the way!

  6. I will vote for Aeron, although I am a little concerned about the red-eye thing going on there and there are always antibiotics to for Lord Garrett - snort. Nah - go for Aeron, he sounds like he might be more fun :)

  7. My vote goes to Aeron. he definitely sounds like he would be more fun, a lot more fun. ;)

  8. Not entering the contest, as I really dislike zombies. But to choose between a nobleman inventor and a masked crusador? I think she should let both court her a little more before she can choose one over the other. But I think I agree with the majority here, and choose Aeron.

  9. I'm afraid I'm with everyone else on this one. I would go with Aeron. Fun new feature, by the way!

  10. This sounds fantastic!!!!! Thanks for the spotlight... bleh... I'm no good at picking "love triangle" so I say... both!

  11. Lord Garrett!! He's a Lord for heaven's sake!

    mestith at gmail dot com