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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Donya Lynne's - RISE OF THE FALLEN - 1 year Anniversary Tour

Rise of the Fallen, Donya Lynne, blog tour

Happy Anniversary to Rise of the Fallen!

Last March, I published my first book, Rise of the Fallen, which was the story of a tortured vampire named Micah Black. Micah had just lost his second mate (well, more of a half-mate) and was seeking out his own death when his angel, Samantha Garrett, found and saved him. Not only did she startle off the drecks who had beaten him to within an inch of his life, but in her Micah found his true mate. The one he was meant to be with forever. Sam brought him back and gave him a reason to live, but in doing so, she had put herself in danger. Not only did the drecks now have her on their radar, but her abusive ex-husband was trying to track her down, as well.

I won't give away the ending for those who have yet to read the book, but in the year since Rise of the Fallen was published as the first book in my All the King's Men series, I've seen an enormous outpouring of love for him and his world, which has grown now to four books in the series, with at least ten more to go, along with a sister series that's in development.

Rise has earned a few accolades and recognition, as well, including:

· A USA Today recommended read
· Runner up for GraveTells' Readers Choice for favorite story in January
· GraveTells' Reviewer's Choice in January
· A finalist in Parajunkee's Best Adult Story 2012, which I'm particularly proud of because I was up against at least one NY Times bestselling author, and the other two finalists were with big publishing houses.

cover, paranormal romance, vampire
All The Kings Men, #1
For a limited time, ROTF is FREE at: Amazon

Also available for $2.99 at:
B&N / Smashwords

In the streets of Chicago exists an uneasy, centuries-old truce between vampires and their distant cousins, a race of shifters called drecks. Vampire enforcement agency, All the King’s Men (AKM), is charged with maintaining the truce, but when volatile enforcer Micah Black loses his mate and falls into the biological agony that results from the broken bond, he tests the boundaries of the truce by seeking out Apostle, a leader in the dreck community. Micah wants Apostle to kill him, a request Apostle is more than happy to fulfill.

When ex-Army medic Samantha Garrett inadvertently disrupts the plot and saves Micah’s life, a chain reaction sets Micah’s heart on a collision course with Sam’s, but he will have to protect her from Apostle and her obsessive ex-husband, Steve, if they will have a chance at forever. Can Micah hold his emotions together to keep Sam alive?

picture, Donya Lynne, author

About the author: 

Donya resides in Indiana, with her husband and a small zoo of cats and dogs. In fact, her writing buddy, Lucky, might become more famous than she is, based on the feedback the ever-present feline receives on her Facebook page. 

As a little girl, Donya always had a book in her hand. As she got older, the books became pens and notebooks, which she filled with stories and poetry. For as long as she remembers, she has been writing and dreaming up stories. Seems writing was her destiny.

Donya loves music and often finds inspiration for her stories in the wide range of music she listens to. Nothing like a little Korn to propel the angst in a scene, or Enya to evoke softer and more romantic storylines.

Donya Lynne's 
1 year Anniversary Blog Tour 
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To celebrate my one year anniversary of the little book that could, I'm hosting a huge giveaway. Two prizes will be given away, as follows:

Grand prize 
A prize back worth the envy of all your friends to include:
· Autographed copies of Lover At Last and Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward 
· Autographed copy of Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian 
· Autographed copy of Last Chance to Run by Diana Love (she co-writes with Sherrilyn Kenyon, as well) 
· If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones (my favorite book from 2012) 
· Primal Bonds by Jennifer Ashley 
· Covet by J.R. Ward 
· Bookmarks from me, Lara Adrian, Louisa Bacia, and Jeaniene Frost 
· Confessions of a Naughty Nurse by Lily Harlem 
· The Art of Love by Michelle Graham 
· Year of Acheron ceramic travel mug from Sherrilyn Kenyon (I want this! LOL) 
· And from me: 
— An AKM fleece blanket 
— AKM Bookmarks 
— AKM keychain 
— A Rebel Obsession canvas tote bag 
— A Rebel Obsession notebook 
— 2013 AKM desk calendar 

There are two ways to enter the Grand Prize drawing: 

*The first will guarantee you an entry. Just email a screen shot or link to a review or rating you've written for any of my AKM books (Rise of the Fallen, Heart of the Warrior, Micah's Calling, or Rebel Obsession) on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere else to me at Details can be found on my fan page on Facebook
*The second way to enter is to leave a comment here. This does NOT guarantee you an entry, but gives you a chance, because one person who comments on this blog will gain one entry in the drawing, which will take place on April 15.

Blog Prize 
I will be giving away a smaller prize just for those who comment on the blogs I'll be guesting on during my blog tour from March 18-April 6. This prize package includes:
— An AKM fleece blanket 
— A set of all my AKM books in ebook format 
— An AKM keychain 
— A set of bookmarks from me, Lara Adrian, Louisa Bacia, and Jeaniene Frost 

One person who posts a comment on each blog during my tour will be entered into the drawing, which will take place after I draw for my grand prize.

Grand prize winner and blog winner will be picked by Donya April 15

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