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Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Review: Evil Dead

Evil Dead (2013)
91 min - Horror - 

Released: 5 April 2013(USA)
Director: Fede Alvarez
Stars: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci
Producer: Bruce Campbell

Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods. The evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival.

If you were a fan of the original 1981 Evil Dead, then you've probably heard about the remake. Most remakes seem to fall short of their originals and leave their audiences disappointed. Their graphics have improved and maybe there’s a bit more nudity that wouldn't pass in the 80’s, but the remake fails to bring any new substance to the story. That being said, the Evil Dead does not fall into that category.

Any movie that got an original rating of NC-17 for disturbing images and gore alone is a movie that I want to see. Several scenes had to be taken out for the movie to be screened in theaters and there were reports of actors wanting to quit during filming

The movie opens up with the back story behind the infamous book, the Necronomicon, that is written in blood and bound in human skin. Right off the bat modern technology does not fail, as the possessed girl is burned alive by her loving father the flames engulf her and burn away her skin. It’s not your normal light a dummy on fire bit; it’s up close and personal and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Of course like many horror movies it does follow the clich├ęs but it does so in a way that it's forgivable. The campy humor and obvious foreshadowing fits into the dark humor theme. You’ve got your classic group of young adults who venture out into the woods and make a pact to help their drug addict friend. So you’ve got a group of people who, let’s face it, aren’t qualified to do much of anything to aid in rehab, who’ve locked themselves in a cabin with a junkie. Good idea, thumbs up for you. No really, the lack of common sense in these people leaves you rooting for this demon.

Let’s break something down real quickly, shall we? Pay attention because it could save your life.

· Check the weather report before you go out to the cabin surrounded by rivers that could flood.
· If you find rotting cats hanging from the ceiling LEAVE
· If you find a book written in blood that say to clearly not read aloud and put it away do not then read it aloud to yourself.
· Don’t leave the addict alone.
· Don’t let the addict alone around keys and a gun.
· When the addict starts to vomit blood and black bile whilst things fly across the room and she turns into the creature from the Exorcist guess what, IT IS NOT JUST WITHDRAWS, SHE CAN’T “SLEEP IT OFF”
· A toilet seat can and should be used as a weapon.
· Sedatives don’t work on demons.
· It’s not a virus, are you really that stupid?
· When you’re given the chance to run, RUN!
· If your friend just tried to eat you and all of a sudden they turn all sweet again, don’t listen, continue to KILL THEM!
· Burn that B#@!&
· D-O-U-B-L-E T-A-P!

As far as the gore, it’s one of the best. It is clear from the beginning that it is supposed to be unrealistic; we all know an arm does not spew enough blood to cover an entire room. (Clearly you're not trying hard enough.) That being said, the makeup and special effects are phenomenal. It’s hard to tell where makeup ends and computer animation begins.

Like most demonic movies it’s not just blood and guts (but there’s a lot of it) it’s the disturbing dialog and acts. It’s one thing if your possessed junkie friend is spewing black blood, it’s another when she slices her tongue open on an exato knife and proceeds to lick up your leg before grabbing you into a rather unforgettable make out scene. Judging from the guy who was gagging behind me, I have to say the scene did its job.

The Evil Dead doesn’t rely on simply being “jumpy” in fact there rarely is any spook attacks or loud noises. It’s nothing but hardcore, down and dirty, bloody, demonic, twisted, and disgusting fun that a true slasher movie should be.
The ending will leave you wondering what the hell was that? But don’t be too quick to judge; just when you think it’s over, it’s not. One last piece of advice, when the skies start to rain blood, run, just run.

P.S. Not sure if watching all of your friends get killed by an ancient demon and being possessed by said demon would make you want to snort coke again or never touch the stuff.

4.5 sheep

Guest Review: Ren Stogner


  1. LMAO @ A toilet seat can and should be used as a weapon.

    What an awesome review!!! Now, I may not watch this one BUT I really enjoyed the honest humor in this review. :)

    I'm an old school fan of the originals but you got my interest!

  2. I just saw this one Thursday, with a friend, in a fairly empty theater. I don't normally do horror films, and almost never on the big screen, but wow. It was epic. I didn't jump much, but there was plenty of cringing. Gory thrills for sure! ;)

    1. And how 'bout that duct tape? It should be in every surgeon's kit!

  3. I loved the original and still need to see this one. I am so far behind in my movie viewing..grrr. it really looks good and I do love a good horror movie.

  4. I have to say despite the fact that the commercial already had me scared spitless, I want to see this; of course that comes with the caveat that I can bring my own toilet seat along and have an isle seat near the emergency exit. Thank you for this awesome review and making me - yes I'm saying it - laugh out loud!