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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Magic Touch Giveaway Hop and Swag Bonanza (US/CA)

This Hop is hosted by author Kallysten and book blog Riverina Romantics. In addition to individual prizes provided on each blog, we are offering assorted swag to the first 100 participants who simply tell us they want some! See all details and sign up here.

Sheep are magical... seriously! I goggled it. Here are my findings.
Wizard Sheep Post photo: Wizard Sheep Post cast_spell.gif
see all that magic!

wizard, sheep, image

We have a wizard on Team Sheep! 

Willy Wizard Sheep

Strengths: Magic, broom, intelligence
Weakness: Wonka Bars, librarians, fantasy books

You can even grow your own Magic Sheep! Isn't science wonderful?
sheep, science, kit

Why yes, there is a Sheep Wizard game you can play on your iPhone! And yes, there are zombie sheep in the game!
magic, sheep, wizard
See how serious he is while being magical?
Experience a blend of RPG and fortress defense. Fight within the fortifications that you build! The Wizards of Vadiimar have through foul magic opened a portal to the nether, releasing ZOMBIE SHEEP into the land! The ancient wizard city is under siege, and all the free peoples marshal to its defense. But only one can save us now, and that someone, is you!

Check out these guys from the card game
Magic: The Gathering

Magic the Gathering, sheep, card
Card Name:
Flock of Rabid Sheep

Mana Cost:
Variable ColorlessGreenGreen

Converted Mana Cost:


Card Text:
Flip X coins; an opponent calls heads or tails. For each flip you win, put a Rabid Sheep token into play. Treat these tokens as 2/2 green creatures that count as Sheep.

Flavor Text:
And their bleating was like a wet salmon slapped upon the land—slap slap slap
Card Number:

Okay, I think I have proven my point. I put together a magical prize! Talk to the raffledude to get entered.
Sorry but this is US/CAN only

* magical totebag from Mina Khan full of...
* Tarot cards
*Glenda the Good Witch paper thingy
*soap from the most magical place on Earth
*Magic Without Mercy by Devon Monk
*The Lure of Song and Magic by Patricia Rice
*The Thirteenth Sacrifice by Debbie Viguie
*Left Hand Magic by Nancy A. Collins
*magical swag from lots of magical authors
*magical sheep swag: keychain, magnet, Team Sheep card set, Kool-Aid, moonpie and... 
a Magical Sheep Poo bookmark!!! (you're welcome)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. So, I always thought being a vampire would be neat, but now I'm thinking a 'rabid sheep' wouldn't be to bad. LOL

  2. I would like to be phoenix but a shape shifting one.

  3. A cat shapeshifter, fairy or dragon :)

  4. A beautiful fairy. Love the wings. Oh and fairy dust.

  5. I would like to be either a unicorn, pegasus, or a shapeshifter of some kind.

  6. ooohhh I want to be a dragon so I can hoard the gold and shiny stuff and blow fire. *grins*

  7. A DRAGON! But a magical sheep looks really cool too! And no one would be chasing me with pitchforks for eating livestock...

  8. I think I would be a Harpy or maybe a Succubus. They are some wicked cool females.

  9. Shapeshifter would be Awesome!!!

  10. Dragon, I'd try really hard not to eat sheep though

  11. Unicorn, I've always thought they were really pretty.

  12. I used to play Magic >.>

    Elemental Witch or a shapeshifter of some sort.


  13. I would totally be a shape-shifter, maybe a wolf or some type of cat. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

    Beth H.

  14. I would take a cloned sheep. :) Really, that would be awesome. baaaaa

  15. *dies laughing*
    Oh man I needed that laugh
    And I shall now respect the Sheep even more than ever before!

  16. I would like to be a phoenix or chimera. Oh, my kids loved the watermelon Kool Aid you sent! Thank you!

  17. I would love to be a Kelpie. I know it sounds weird, but I love Kelpies.

  18. I would love to be a witch, I've been called that before, but I want the powers that go along with the name! :D

  19. I would choose a dragon; perfect combo of strength and beauty.

  20. ohhhhh either a white tiger shifter or a dragon!

  21. I would love to be a shapeshifter wolf :)

  22. Why I am a Magical Sheep of course - so everybody step back this one is MINE!!!! Hee hee just kidding, well not really, hey somebody hand me some kool-aid to cool down the fire burning for this prize pack ;=D As always thank you so much for the fun and making me smile, have to go check out the Zombie Sheep now!

  23. I have always been a vamp tramp- they are so cool with the whole creature of the night thing going down. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. I would have to be a panther shifter.....


  25. I would like to be a phoenix!!!

  26. feline shifter

    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

  27. I want to be a shifter or a dragon. Thanks for being in the blog hop.

  28. I would like to be an all-powerful mighty genie (djinn)...minus the itty bitty living space!

    1. Whoot, whoot! Robin Williams made Genie Awesome!

  29. Unicorn. What else?

  30. I would love to be a colorful fire-breathing dragon. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  31. I'd like to be a dragon shifter, it would be awesome to be in human form and then turn into a fantastic dragon.

  32. I'd love to be a vampire or witch. Thanks.

  33. I am completely fascinated with bear shifters. I would make a great bear!

  34. I think I would like to be a skinwalker. That way I could be whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Thanks for the cool giveaway!!!

  35. I'd like to be a Tiger Shifter!

  36. a shapeshifter but I can't narrow down the kind. I always go between some kind of large cat or wolf.

  37. Oh I'll go with being a Fairy. Thanks for this chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  38. I'd love to be a shape shifting dragon. I'd get to fly and fry. LOL
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  39. a shifter or a succubus

    Beverly Gordon

  40. a shapeshifter! :)
    jukyjoauka at aol dot com

  41. Vampire. I like the nighttime.
    This is an awesome blog hop! I'm a big fan of supernatural books especially romantic ones. I love magic and I love that you never know what people's abilities are going to be. It leaves so much more open to guessing because the world that the author builds all of a sudden does NOT follow our world's rules. I love when people can listen to thoughts or move things with their minds. I also think being able to control other's emotions would be a handy gift. Probably my favorite books involving people with magic are 'Beautiful Creatures' and 'Poison Study.' It must be hard to be responsible for such power. I love when Lena from 'Beautiful Creatures' is trying to harness all she has. It's something akin to the awkwardness we all go through in middle school in which we are trying to figure out who we are.
    Thanks for the giveaway and I'm gonna keep on hopping!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  42. I'd want to be an elf.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. I think a shapeshifter of some kind.


  44. ilike the shifter or vampress i been reading them alot

  45. I want to be a dragon shifter. They are the bomb. You get to fly. You are the biggest badass around. And you will always have fire at hand for burning the crap out of ijits....LOL
    I know, I am just not right this morning... :)

  46. Hmm I think I would just like to have the powers of a well trained witch if that counts. I don't think I'd like to shift because that always sounds like it hurts in all the books I've read (I'm wimpy! I don't like pain), but it sure would be nice to have some magical powers!

    Thank you so much for the chance to enter the giveaway. Have a wonderful day one and all.

    Shelly H.

  47. I would either be a unicorn or pixie... Cause Unicorns are so cool and pixies are tricky little devils.

  48. My hubby already calls me his succubus, but I've always loved elves.

  49. Either a wolf or big cat shifter.

  50. Probably some kind of fae.