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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Book Review: Shadow's Curse (Imnada Brotherhood #2) by Alexa Egan

Shadow's Curse (Imnada Brotherhood #2)
By: Alexa Egan
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published September 24th 2013 by Pocket Books

The second novel in the dark and sexy Imnada Brotherhood trilogy featuring shape-shifters in Regency-era England.

Suffering under a horrible curse and renounced by his clan, the Imnada shape-shifter, David St. Leger, stalks the London nights in the form of a large black wolf, channeling his desperate rage on thieves and murderers. But when he’s captured by the very woman he sought to rescue, he’s thrown into the magical and dangerous world of the Other—half human, half-Fey, and one of the Imnada’s ancient enemies.

Forced by her half-brother to use her gift of necromancy as a money-making scheme, Callista Hawthorne wants only to flee to her aunt in Scotland where she’ll be safe. Considering David her last hope, she offers him a deal—freedom in exchange for his protection on the long journey north.

Now in a race for their lives, Other and Imnada must put aside centuries of animosity and work together if they are to overcome the dark forces intent on stopping them before they reach safety. For Callista is far more powerful than she knows, and with her help and her love, David may finally be able to break the curse of the Imnada.

Callista Hawthorne has been forced by her half-brother, Branston Hawthorne to use her gift of necromancy to walk into death to make him profit. But when he gives her hand to criminal, Victor Corey, who has magical abilities himself, she strikes a bargain with shapechanger David St. Leger to help her flee to Scotland and her aunt, sister of her dead mother. As they journey and work to escape Corey, both become drawn to each other and discover passion. Problem is, he is Imnada and she is half Fey, ancient foes since days of King Arthur. Worse, he has an enchantment that binds him and draws him closer to his death, as it has done to two other friends of his.

This paranormal romance is second in a series and well written. The world building drew me in and made me believe it. I could see the places David and Callista went to. Felt their passion and worried as the suspense caught me in its clutches. Though it is the second book in a trilogy, it was stand alone enough for me to enjoy the novel. I want to read the first book and can not wait for the third one and see if the curse placed on David and his two friends ends satisfactorily.

5 sheep

Pamela K. Kinney
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About the author:

Alexa Egan lives in Maryland with a husband who’s waiting impatiently for her fame and fortune to support them in a new and lavish lifestyle, three children for whom she serves as chauffeur, cook, nurse, social secretary, banker, and maid (not necessarily in that order), one cat, one dog … and twenty-seven fish.