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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sign Up for the Spring Fling Blog Hop!

Hop Participants:

For everyone’s chance to win one of many prizes, you must stop by one of the participating blog hop stops (April 3rd- 6th 2014.) Each blogger or Author will offer a giveaway but there will also be a grand prize giveaway. To enter the grand prize giveaway readers must enter the Rafflecopter for the grand giveaway. You will be given the link to the grand prize rafflecopter to include with your post.

We are offering one grand prize: a choice of either Barns & Noble or an Amazon $80.00 gift card.

To enter your blog in the giveaway hop you must follow these rules.

You simply add your name and blog link to the list. Please remember to cut and paste your link directly onto our sign up. If your email is not located on your site please either leave it in the comments or email it to me at Laurie at

After you sign up, please make sure to include the button on your participating blog’s sidebar and help spread the word!

Your giveaway post along with our grand prize rafflecopter code must be on your blog at midnight 4/3/14 and end on 4/6/14/.

Please use the link to your site as the blog hop link–not a direct link to the post for the hop.

When you take part, please make the hop the top post of the day so it may easily be found by not only by our staff, but by those participating. If the post is not the top post on the first day of the hop, your link will be removed.

You are welcome to post a blog post for each day of the hop, but please let your readers know they need to leave their comment on your main hop page in order to take part in the Grand Prize Giveaway!

Blog posts must be up and running at 01:00 am MST the first day of the blog hop. If it is not up (you may schedule post ahead of time), your link will be removed.

Last day to enter the linky is March 20. 2014

Rules for your post:
Each blog post must contain the button for the blog hop (See above) that links to the blog hop page.

Every blogger or author entering must provide some type of giveaway.

Have the blog hop button in your giveaway post this is just restating the first rule

Have a way for readers to hop by including the linky code, the list provided, or by directing them to the blog hop page on this site

Please limit of amount of extra entries to 5. This way it makes it easy for the readers to visit other blogs.


  1. I've added my name. Here's my e-mail. diannewrites2(at) This sounds like fun!

  2. I've added my link :) Here's my email: madisonsevier at yahoo dot com
    Thank you for a great chance to connect with more readers and to have some fun :)

  3. I signed up! My email address:

  4. I added my link (Just Jeannie's)... email is

  5. Replies
    1. PS - I've read the post twice, but maybe I just haven't had enough coffee yet today. How do I get the Linky code to put in my blog post? And what link should I use for the Blog Hop button?

  6. I would link the button to the spring fling post on Bitten By Romance's blog. You will be sent the linky list and all needed materials at the end of March :) at least that is what I think :)

  7. Woot! Sounds like fun...looking forward to hoping with y'all!

  8. joleene at joleenenaylor dot com :)

  9. Thanks for having a hop!

  10. Thanks for hosting the hop! cgibbs3471(at)aol(dot)com

  11. I'm #36!!! gretchenroberts2003 at gmail dot com

  12. Replies
    1. *Sharon eyes Elise's fancy hat. Looks around...grabs hat...runs*

  13. Added Rayna Noire(

  14. writer wonderland

  15. Added my name, thanks! Email is

  16. I'm in!
    holley [at] holleytrent [dot] com

  17. Im in!