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Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Release: Redemption (The Alchemy #4) by Donna Augustine + giveaway

The final book in The Alchemy Series by Donna Augustine has just released! Since I was an editor for the book I can't give an official review, but since I love this series so much I am going say a little about it.

The series as a whole is a fast paced dark urban fantasy/dystopian. The heroine, Jo Davids, is the kind of snarky, kick ass character I love. Pair her with the alpha male, Cormac, and I am one happy camper. There are werewolves and fae in the story, but they live in another dimension that is only accessible through gates (portals) controlled by the Keepers. Keepers can manipulate magic. This is a story of good versus evil and survival. It is dark, but balanced with the perfect amount of humor. Usually in the form of sarcasm from Jo. There is enough of a romantic element to keep paranormal romance lovers happy, but not turn off urban fantasy lovers.

Redemption is the final book and full of the unexpected just like the first three books. I suggest starting from the beginning or you will spoil the other books. I give Redemption 5 sheep as well as the whole series. 

Redemption: Alchemy Series Book #4
by Donna Augustine

Up until now, I've done everything wrong. Deserted and feeling more alone than ever, I need to lead my people in this new barbaric world. I've got to defend them against the power hungry senator and shield them from even themselves. All this while my heart is being ripped to shreds.

Sometimes, redemption is found in your darkest moments.

I Smell Sheep reviews of 
all three received 5 Sheep

About the Author:
Donna Augustine’s lifelong ambition was to become the crazy cat lady. Unfortunately, when family allergies cut short her dream of living in a house full of furries, she turned her ambitions toward writing. Combining her love of fantasy, scifi, horror and romance, she tries to string together interesting twists on urban fantasy.

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  1. Replies
    1. She made the covers and used a family member on them

  2. This is a new author to me, sounds good. Thanks for the chance :)

  3. Donna did a great job on the covers. Thanks for the chance to win the entire series. Awesome!

  4. I love this series, definitely a new look for book four, but very lovely :)

  5. I have this series in my TBR list cant wait to read them thank you for the giveaway

  6. Thanks, everyone! Yes, I did make the covers. As Sharon can attest to, I've got a bit of a controlling nature when it comes to my books and have a hard time handing anything off. The last cover is the most different, but if you see them in person, the third cover is matte finish as opposed to the gloss of the other three. I was trying to make the covers follow the overarching story arc : )