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Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Review: Lone Wolfe Protector (A Wolfe Creek Novel) by Kaylie Newell

Lone Wolfe Protector (A Wolfe Creek Novel)
by Kaylie Newell
book 200 pages
Expected publication: August 25th 2014
by Entangled: Covet

Maggie Sullivan is back in Wolfe Creek, determined to find out why her best friend vanished one fog-shrouded night a year ago. But it quickly becomes clear that if the folks in the secluded mountain town know what happened to her friend, they aren't talking.

Seasoned sheriff's deputy Koda Wolfe reluctantly agrees to help this beautiful woman, even as he tries to convince her to leave for her own good. Soon he's compelled to protect Maggie from herself, his family's ancient curse, and a killer who could strike again.

The nights heat up in more ways than one as Maggie and Koda begin a fiery relationship. But as they delve deeper into the disappearance, the eerie woods come alive with secrets bound to tear them apart. And someone is watching their every move.

Maggie Sullivan, riddled with guilt, returns to Wolfe Creek in search of answers to her best friend’s disappearance. She feels she should have done more when it happened and is now doing the only thing she can, returning to the scene of the crime. There she meets Koda Wolfe, a handsome deputy, who agrees to help. In their search for answers, they find each other.

The main storyline was interesting. Maggie, who is your basic girl next door, can’t get over losing her friend and is haunted by what really happened. The small town where the story takes place isn’t overly welcoming. The one person finally willing to help is Koda. He only does so because of his instant attraction to Maggie. Honestly, I can’t understand why as she is painted as a rather a plain Jane. However, Koda finds her beautiful and I guess that’s all that matters.

To add a small twist to the storyline, there also seems to be a legend that surrounds the town and the Wolfe family in particular. I found this part interesting and wish the author had given us more on this topic. As it was, the ending had an unexpected twist, which is always good. However, things were not wrapped up the way I would have liked. It felt like the author would be taking us back to Wolfe Creek soon.

The book was enjoyable but the story lacked some depth. I am assuming that’s because we will find out in later books some of what we were missing here. I would be willing to read on and find out.

3.5 Sheep Waiting on the Wolfe


About the Author:
The daughter of an English teacher and a freelance writer, I knew I wanted to be a novelist at the tender young age of twelve. Armed with a college ruled notebook and a ballpoint pen, I set out to write my first manuscript, but quit after seven pages to finish my math homework.

Several years and many short stories later, I decided to take another crack at it. My first book, A Death That Lingers released in November 2011 by Beachwalk Press. It was followed by Falling In Danger, Teaching Officer Lonesome and Taming Johnny, all contemporary romances featuring sexy cop heroes. I currently have a list of story ideas that nag me on a daily basis, most of which have a dash of suspense or paranormal to keep me on my toes.

I live at the base of the mountains in Southern Oregon with a very supportive (and handsome) husband, two adorable little girls, two slightly less adorable cats, and a mutt named Pedro. I spend my time reading, writing, cuddling my girls and dreaming of my next novel.

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