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Friday, August 15, 2014

Book Review: Whispers in a Dead Man's Ear by Sonnet O'Dell

Whispers in a Dead Man's Ear
by Sonnet O'Dell
Published August 1st 2014
by Eternal Press

Doctor Kale Swanson is the only vampire psychiatrist in a small town. Usually he spends his nights listening to the undeads' problems but recently branched out to human clients. Pamela is a woman who is cagey about her past and Kale finds himself drawn to her despite a strict belief in a platonic doctor-patient relationship. When two men burst into his office looking for her, Kale throws himself into protecting and claiming Pamela as his own, doing the one thing he swore never to do—get involved.

Kale Swanson a vampire himself was a psychiatrist who helped newly turned vampires cope with their new situation. In the past Sires (Vampire who turned you)were a lot pickier on who they chose and they always stayed close to guide them. That was not the case in the modern world today. Today the sires would abandon them for many reasons i.e. money, debt etc. This helped Kale’s business tremendously and for the fact he was the only Vampire psychiatrist in town. He even decided to take on human patients. He had a strict rule of not getting involved with his patients but that all changed when Pamela his human patient was in trouble. He had to protect her.

This was a short PNR. All in all it was a solid story well written and did hold my interest. It was what you expected, Vampire meets girl, girl meets vampire, they fall in love, someone wants her harmed vampire saves girl, Vampire and girl …….. I bet you thought I was going to tell you the end, NOPE. This is not just a PNR I think it can fall under Erotica PNR. Too me there was more erotic sex scenes then the actual story itself but that’s ok if that’s your thing. The erotica scenes were absolutely fine it fit don’t get me wrong but it overpowered the story itself.

3.5 Is there such a thing as too much erotica Sheep


About the Author:
Sonnet was born at the John Radcliffe in Oxford and spent the first six years of her life living in the town of Abingdon close to both her grandparents and most of the rest of her family.

She moved after that to Cornwall for three years and then to Devon for another three before moving to where she has lived for the last fourteen or so years.

Sonnet now lives in Worcester, Worcestershire, famous for Lea & Perrin’s Sauce and as the site for the last battle of the Civil War.


  1. LOL. A vampire psychiatrist - what an original storyline. Glad you liked it and thanks for mentioning the adult aspect.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. I've just read one short story with a threesome, I think I can handle that. And a psychiatrist vampire ? That's something to read !

  3. What a unique storyline!!! This sounds like a great book to read simply for the uniqueness of the story itself.