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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sheep Book Review: Night's Honor by Thea Harrison

Night's Honor 
A Novel of the Elder Races book 7
By: Thea Harrison 
Paranormal Romance
304 Pages 

On the run from her former employer, Tess knows that she’s vulnerable on her own amongst the Elder Races. That’s why she decides to audition to become the human attendant of a powerful Vampyre of the Nightkind demesne. But while her position affords her the safety she seeks, her protector turns out to be more than she bargained for.

The right-hand man of the Nightkind King, Xavier del Torro is both terrifying and alluring. While his true nature frightens Tess, she can’t ignore the appeal of his innate sense of integrity and self-restraint. Thrown into Xavier’s world, Tess must quickly learn to navigate the dangers—both to her life and to her heart. But the biggest threat comes from her own past… 

I've been reading Thea Harrison books for a while now and not much in the paranormal world is as well written as her Elder Series. However, this latest installment left me wanting a little more bite to my PNR and whole lot more action. 

Set to the pace of the San Francisco Bay Area backdrop, I loved the concept of using two characters who may normally be overlooked. A plain kinda average gal without the usually tall and kickass frame, paired up with a male of normal stature on the slender side. It was both refreshing and unexpected, yet equally appreciated! 

I truly believe more stories should have this element of reality. We can't all be A-list body types, and that includes me! But, we can all read about being heros in stories and living that fantasy through the pages. 

While the story itself lacked that normal kapow-punch I've come to associated with Thea stories, it was rounded out by an interesting concept. I had yet to realize the amount of time and dedication one must give over to a vampyre protector. This concept of wanting to become one of the household was eye opening. The pledge taken by both sides in this situation, encompassing the good and the bad. 

Tess and Xavier have a soft burning kind of interaction going on. The back and fourth play was not as steamy as you may read about in other romances, but rather was tender and kind. Don't let that kindness be fooled for weakness though! Xavier is a deadly vamp and not to be messed with, some folks though have to find that out the hard way! 

Overall, I liked this instatement in the series. While it was not what I would have expected, it was nice to see a whole new side to this saga and writing style for the author. 

Getting 4 Sheep 


  1. I'm a little worried about this one. We are going to be away from all the characters that I love. I love the Wyr and want to see more of them. Your review gives me hope. :-)

    1. Yeah it does pull away a little, but it was still a good read. I to love the Wyr but if we want to overall arc to keep going, she has to throw new titles in to keep it all fresh. These are more of the normal types you don't often read about. Look we can't all be 6'5 with muscles galore! lol

      It's good and I think you will enjoy it for being different :) But let me know after you give it a read!

  2. Love the Elder Races series! Looking forward to this installment --- and intrigued by the differences you've pointed out. :)

  3. Oh she is one I keep meaning to read and then forget. Gah. Must do better! lol

  4. Thanks for the review. It will be nice to read about some new and different characters of this series.