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Monday, August 25, 2014

Interview: Bob Freeman Shadows Over Somerset Book Tour

Sharon: Welcome to I Smell Sheep. Grab a moonpie and some Kool Aid. And you have to sign the waiver. After that one author “incident” our lawyers say it is required. Sheesh, you would think an author would know to poke the sleeping dragon…

Sharon: I stalked your website and I guess the most important question I have…is who was your favorite Frank or Joe?

Bob: Ha! Being an older brother myself, I was always partial to Frank. He was always the more level-headed and intellectual of the Hardys.
*for you sad, sad people who don't know, we are talking about the Hardy Boys.*

interior artwork
Sharon: You have released the first book in your series CairnwoodManor. Can you tell us about the series and the first bookShadows over Somerset? 
Bob: The Cairnwood Manor series casts a light on a clan of werewolves, cursed in 14th Century Scotland, who make their way to rural Indiana and build a place for themselves apart from the rest of their kin who are a decidedly more sinister lot.

Shadows introduces us to the Cairnwoods by way of Michael, a young man who was ripped away from this family by a mother who, in the wake of her husband’s death, feared for the life of her child and what being raised as a werewolf would do to him.

Once he discovers the truth and is drawn into the family curse, magic and mayhem unfold. 

interior artword
Sharon: How do your werewolves change? Is it a painful physical change or a magical “poof you’re a werewolf” change?
Bob: Definitely painful, especially during the early transformations.

Sharon: What are some pros and cons of city living vs country living for monsters?

Bob: Well, having been born in the country, I can tell you, it's a lot easier to disappear. In the city, there may be ample people to feed on, but there are also a lot more eyes on you.
Sharon: let’s not forget about shopping. More choices in the city. Are your werewolves sharp dressers or more casual? 
Bob: They're a diverse bunch, though I think the majority of them prefer no clothes at all.
*Katie come running in huffing and puffing* I heard naked and werewolves! *looks around frantically*
Sharon: Sorry Katie. He didn't bring any.

Sharon: You are also an artist. Do you do your own covers? Can we see some of your artwork?

Bob: I do, on occasion (although Shadows is covered by the brilliant EnggarAdirasa). You can see a sample of the type of work I do HERE.
Sharon: Nice! Look like graphic novel covers. 
Bob: Thanks. I suppose that comes from my background in comics. I spent nearly twenty years fumbling around in the small press, primarily as a writer and editor, but I did my fair share of house ads and cover work along the way.

Sharon: Based on your studies of myths, magic and lore are there places you’ve learned about that you would like to visit someday?
Bob: I've been to countless sites already, but the world's a pretty big place and there are plenty of places I'm still eager to visit — and The Winchester House tops the list.
I took this pic
Sharon: Oh!!! I just went there a few months ago. The other half of I Smell Sheep, Katie Dalton, lives not too far away from it! I went to check it out. Fun place J Great piece of history.
Bob: Colour me jealous. (see what I did there? <G>)

Sharon: What is the nerdiest thing you own?

Bob: Rough call, that. Maybe a Spider-Man Gumball Machine circa 1969?
Sharon: *pulls out a penny* It is functional, right?
Bob: Sure, if you don't mind almost 50 year old gum.

Sharon: You admit to an obsession with “Occult Detective” stories. When you were young did you dress up like one and pretend to chase monsters? I will admit to pretending to be Wonder Woman.
Bob: I didn't pretend. In the third grade I co-founded The Monster Club, a group of ne'er-do-well kids who broke into abandoned houses and prowled old boneyards looking for ghosts.
Sharon: And…you don’t start a story like that and not give a quick funny story. Did you guys get in trouble…find any ghosts?
Bob: There was one old, abandoned house, on the far end of Washington Street, conveniently just a stone's throw from the local ice cream shop, The Sulky Whip, where we used to slide in through a broken window around back. The place was empty except for a rocking chair in the front room. Did we see a ghost? No. But that chair sure liked to rock all by its lonesome.

One day, we were sitting on the floor, staring at the chair rocking back and forth, asking it questions and getting no answers when suddenly a booming voice bellowed, "Hey, what the hell you boys doing in there!"

Obviously, we screamed and ran as fast as our feet would carry us, up and out the window and onto our bikes, peddling furiously like we were being chased by the devil himself.

Of course, it was just good old Deputy Dog, Roscoe Prickett, who we called Roscoe P. Coltrane whenever he was out of ear shot.

Rapid Fire:

Sharon: Dean or Sam?
Bob: Oh, Dean all the way. He gets bonus points for having been on my favorite soap — Days of Our Lives.

Sharon: *blinks at Bob* I get the Dean thing. He’s the man. But soap operas? <G> 
ERMERGERD! A reason to post a pic of Dean.
Sharon: salt or holy water? 
Bob: Holy Water. It has the added bonus of being there to quench your thirst.

Sharon: ride a horse or ride a bull?

Bob: Horse. I grew up on a horse farm, so, yeah... definitely.

Sharon: eat the crust or cut the crust off?

Bob: I'm crusty, inside and out.

Sharon: DC or Marvel?
Bob: I grew up a Marvel Zombie and subscribed to Conan, The Mighty Thor, Fantastic Four, and the X-Men as a kid. 

Sharon: good choice. We would have hated to feed you to the dragon…you can’t even imagine the mess…and the smell hangs around for days… 

Sharon: Coke or Pepsi?
Bob: Trick question? Coke in a glass bottle. Pepsi in a can or plastic bottle.

Sharon: Ha! Yes, and no. Katie and I have a ‘friendly’ competition going about this. I’ll have to consult with her to see if this answer can count.

Sharon: Be a vampire or be a werewolf?
Bob: Werewolf, mainly because I'd like to have hair on top of my head again.

Sharon: sword or shotgun? 
Bob: Sword. All day. All night.

Sharon: gum or a mint?
Bob: Gum. Big Red, if you're nasty.

Sharon: tacos or pizza? 
Bob: Tacos... and lots of 'em. And not those fake Taco Bell kind either. I mean a real taco, like Mrs. Garcia used to make back on the farm.

Michael Somers is brought to Cairnwood, an isolated manor in rural Indiana, to sit at the deathbed of a grandfather he never knew existed. He soon finds himself drawn into a strange and esoteric world filled with werewolves, vampires, witches… and a family curse that dates back to fourteenth century Scotland.

In the sleepy little town of Somerset, an ancient evil awakens, hungering for blood and vengeance… and if Michael is to survive he must face his inner demons and embrace his family’s dark past.

Shadows Over Somerset is the first Cairnwood Manor Novel.

About the Author:
Bob Freeman doesn’t just write and draw occult detectives, he’s also a card carrying paranormal adventurer who founded Nightstalkers of Indiana in 1983.

A lifelong student of witchcraft, magic, and religion, Bob’s studies are reflected in his art, both as an author and illustrator.

Bob lives in rural Indiana with his wife Kim and son Connor.

He can be found online at


  1. Extremely entertaining interview…sounds like a terrific read..even though I'm not a paranormal enthusiast, you made it very intriguing…good writing, good questions…good answers! Good luck with the series Bob!